"Your not going anywhere until you tell me..."Mature

Chapter 5


"Okay everyone, we are starting our new unit on Romeo and Juliet. You are going to start your partner project which will be writing a five to seven page essay on the events in the story. In your essay, your are to write your feelings toward Romeo and Juliet's love story and the rest is on the hand out. Any questions?" 

The class remained silent, the only thing heard were the moans and groans people were making because we had a new essay to write. And I was one of the people moaning.

"Alright then, I'm going to hand these out and once everyone has one, you will get together with your partner and I want you to discuss when and how you two are going to work together. You only have one week to write this people, don't waste time." Ms.Dennis stated.  Who knew a woman in their twenties could act so...old?

"Oh, and by the way, I'm assigning your partners."

"Ugh!" Me and Bonnie both moaned.

"I'll pray for you, boo." She smiled.

"Ha, okay. I'll pray for you too." I laughed, even though I knew I would probably need it more than her.

Once the papers were passed out, Ms.Dennis starting calling out names.

"Okay, Ms.Tasha your partner is going to be Darius. Nathan, your with Megan, Joney... with Zach...."

The further down she went with the list, the more nervous I got. Sinking my teeth into my bottom lip, I looked around at all the partner-less people. Any of them could be my partner and I was really hoping it wasn't booger nosed- Max Harrison.

Continuing to look around the room, my eyes met the back of a familiar shade of dark brown hair. Michael.... Even just looking at the back of the boys head you could tell he's hot! He was talking to this guy I recognized as Trent, one of the boys that helped pull that Jackass Princeton off me from promoting further damage to my rib cage.

I felt kind of guilty for liking Michael, though. Even though most of the female population here in Jersey did too. I know what he does, I know how he lives, and I know he's dangerous. But I still feel iffy about him. I can't ever imaging him and me together. We wouldn't...mesh good.

"Okay um, we have about four people left. Mason, Bonnie,Trent, and Michael." My heart sank, but then it shot right back up to my chest when I realized there was a chance me and Bon Ton could be partners.

Both me and Bonnie crossed our fingers, praying we'd have each other as partners. 

"Bonnie, your with Michael and Trent your with Mason."

"Shit." I muttered. "Next time?" tried to sound positive, talking to Bon Ton.

"Hopefully. But at least both our partners are hot." She flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Oh, my mistake." Ms.Dennis laughed.

"Mason, your with Michael and Bonnie your with Trent."

DOUBLE SHIT. I stated in my mind.  I knew I wanted him, but not that much. All i'd do was make a fool of myself around him.

"Okay, get your things together and meet up with your partners. You have fifteen minutes. Get to work!" Ms.Dennis smiled. Ugh, fuck my life. 

Not knowing if he was coming over to me or if I should walk over to him, I just took my chances and got up, but a hand stopped me.

"Hey, you Mason?" I turned around. For the love of fuck. It was Devon Faith. You remember when I fucking told you how evil this bitch is? She's the most popular girl in the school and most famous because of her last name. Mr.Faith, (surprising name for a man who's daughter's the second most sluttiest girl in school. The first is Devon's follower Leah Hines.) Is known for being one of the most successful lawyers in Jersey.

"Uh, yeah. I think you know my name already, Devon. What is it?" I was already irritated with this bitch.

"I'm just gonna let your rudeness pass. But just this once." I rolled my eyes, biting my tongue to keep from cussing her out.

"You better stay away from Michael, okay? He's mine and I already know he's bringing me to the fall dance and I don't think I need to tell you again, alright?"

Scoffing, I brought a hand to my chest. "Ha, uh, excuse me? I don't give a rat's ass about your threats, okay powered flounder? How can you stand here and tell me what to do when you can't even keep your lashes in check? I don't know if you heard the teacher or not, but me and Michael are partners, in other words, I have to fucking work with him. Now move over, I need to talk to my partner." I pushed passed her and started walking over to where Michael was sitting. 

"Fuck you, Mason Adrian!" She yelled over at me while her bitch possey ran over to her and she took out a compact mirror to check her lashes. 

Laughing over my shoulder, I looked back at her, stuff in hand. "I'm sorry, but I'd rather not be fucked by you, I could catch what you've been spreading." I referred back to what she just told me, twisting her words around.

Her and her group of bitches just looked over at me, glaring while the whole class erupted with laughter. 

"Dang girl, looks like I don't even need to pray for you anymore." Bonnie laughed over her shoulder, earning a laugh from me too. It seem like trouble just follows me around like a lost pup when Michael's around. I'm not too sure I like him so much now. I do not under any circumstances want to go at it with the Bitch Tribe again over of all things a boy,which I've never even shown any real interest in or have had a conversation with.

Walking all the way to the back of the room to where he was sitting, I sat myself down next to Michael and placed my things in front of me.

"Mason Adrian and Devon Faith, come get your permission slips to the principal's office." Ms.Dennis looked over at us, two slips in her hands, sticking them out.

"Fucking hell." I muttered. Getting up, I heard a snicker to my right. Turning, I looked over noticing Michael laughing.

"I'd shut up if I were you." I raised my brows before taking my things and turning on my heels to walk down to Ms. Dennis's desk.

"That kind of language is not tolerated in a classroom. You two ladies know that. I'm especially dissappointed in you, Mason." She looked over at me. Great. Just fucking great! This is what the hell I get for always getting good grades and becoming a teacher's pet.

But don't get me wrong, I never signed up for this role, and I'm definitely not the snobby, read a book during lunch, sweater wearing, glasses too big for my face kind of girl. I'm known around the school, i'm just not popular to the point where everyone if the universe wants to kiss my ass. Sometimes I wear sweats to school and I do play sports, and I'm hella good in them if I do say so myself. Not to be a show off but I am an allstar in cross country and track.... not the wear a dress or skirt everyday and flat iron the shit out my hair so it's perfect kind of girl-the Bitch Tribe kind of girl. And thank god Bon Ton's the same or I would have packed my shit and moved to Peru by now living in the city well.

"Out!" Ms. Dennis pointed to the door after we got our slips handed to us.

Turning around, to close the door once I was out in the hallway, I saw Bonnie giving me a sympathetic smile. I smiled back and closed the door.

"This is all your fucking fault!" Devon yelled at me.

"Forget you! Your head's so far up your ass you can't even admit this is partly you fault! I wasn't even paying you any mind and you just waltzed over and starting irritating people."

"Fuck you!" She yelled.

"Once again, no thank you. We all know you've already slept with half the school. Boys and girls." I smirked, knowing I got her when I saw her stunned expression.

"Have a nice day, Ms. Faith." I turned around to take the short cut to make it to my locker, being as it is the last class of the day and the bells set to ring in about three minutes.

Once I got my stuff, I walked into the office and saw Devon walking out. Hitting me on the shoulder on her way out, I just ignored her being as that we were in the office and the teachers were around and that I was exhausted with her shit.

"Mason, have a seat." The principal motioned toward the seat in front of his desk. The principal has got to be one of the youngest in the U.S., that's for sure. He didn't have a strand of white hair on his head and he had perfect white teeth, blue eyes and thick brows. He was a handsome man, and I say that out of respect because it would be weird if I had feelings towards my principal.

"Good afternoon to you too, Mr. Dennis." I muttered sarcastically. Yes, the principal and my literature teacher are married. Small world, huh. Fuck that. Excuse my language but i'm extra irritated today. I promise I don't curse this much.

Dropping my Pink handbag on the floor, I sat on the chair, leaning over to hand the slip to him.

"Mason, I-" The bell rung, interrupting Mr.Dennis. Thank god! But my thoughts automatically shifted to Bonnie. Poor girl. What if she has to walk home? I won't be out of this office until at at least thirty minutes because of how long this man talks.

After waiting thirty seconds for the  bell to stop, and another thirty seconds because the front of the school where the buses and cars were had teenagers screaming and causing all kinds of noise leaving the building to stop, he continued.

"Mason, I really don't understand the meaning behind all of this horrible history with Devon. She seems like such a sweet little girl for heaven's sake." For the love of fucking fuck fuck-a-lous! Him too?

"What?" I stuttered.

"And you never get in trouble. I believe this is the first time you've had to come here or to any teacher about your behavior. Please make it the last." He looked me straight in the eyes.

Lowering my pupils to the floor and tracing the patterns in my head of the squares on the carpet under the desk, I simply nodded.

"Being as this is the first time you've been in trouble here, I'm letting you off the hook. But only because you are a good student. Don't make me see you cause trouble again, okay?"

"Don't need to worry about that." I laughed awkwardly, picking my stuff up.

Making my way towards my door, I was stopped by a question.

"Hey, Mason?"


"You were just in Ms.Dennis's classroom, right?"


"Doesn't she look great today in that little skirt with the ruffels?"

I just stared at him. I wanted to say, I don't fucking pay attention to what my twenty something year old teacher wears.

"Um...." was all that came out.

"Right then," He coughed awkwardly. "Off  you go then."

Grasping the doorknob, I made my way to the front doors, half walking half running when I  hit someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I've just been hitting everyone today-" I was stopped when I bent down to pick up my books and noticed it was a guy's hands. Trailing my eyes up the length of the guy's varsity jacket, my eyes met none other than Michael's.

He was wearing a red snapback which if I do say so myself contrasted finely with his hair color, two chains, low waisted jeans, a white t-shirt covered in a varsity jacket and Supra brand shoes.

Standing up with my journal in his hands, he looked at me. Apparently I forgot to zip up my bag and it slipped out.

"Are you going to give me my journal?" I smirked at him, I had already stuck everything in my bag and had my hand out.

Smiling back showing me his perfect pearly whites, he responded. "I thought you'd never ask, shawty." He handed me my book and I felt the heat run up my neck to my cheeks.

"Thanks." I stated simply and started walking towards my car, keys in hand when I noticed he was still behind me.

"Stalker-ish much?" I laughed, getting to my Pilot and unlocking it.

"I'm not following you." He smirked again. "My car is right next to your ugly-ass pilot." He laughed. I may not like him much but that was the cutest noise I think i ever heard.

Turning my head, I watched as he unlocked his Escalade."You know, not everyone has the money to buy and Escalade." I rolled my eyes. After all, I told my parents this was the car I wanted and they gave it to me. If I brought that car to school, everyone would have called me a show off and I'm not up for that shit. Not when it's my last year here before I go to New York with Bonnie. Were planning to go there at least, if they accept us that is....

He just shook his head at my response. "Hey um, you alright?" He suddenly got serious.

Walking over to his car and leaning against it with a confused face, I asked. "What do you mean?" I was suprised by my sudden boldness to touch his property.

"I'm talking about that other night..... with Princeton." He looked at me with a lot of intensity, making my uncomfortable.

Tucking a strand behind my ear, I shook my head and swallowed. "Um yeah, thanks for asking. And I never got the chance to say how thankful I am for you saving my life-" I was cut short.

"It was no big deal. All the boys helped me get you to the hospital." He had his eyebrows together and he liked his heart shaped lips that I now just noticed since the hospital when I saw him.

"Oh, well thanks anyways." I smiled and I earned a a eye brow raise from him.

"Hey shawty, who told you you could just lean on my baby like that?" He asked, folding his arms.

"Your baby?" I looked down and noticed he was talking about the car. "Oh wow! Okay well anyways I gotta go." I laughed getting ready to leave.

"Hey, hold up." I turned around

"When do you think we'll be able to get together?"

I furrowed my eyebrows, curiosity getting the best of me.

"For the essay..." He laughed.

"Oh uh, anytime. I don't have Mondays,Wednesdays, or Fridays after school until six o'clock though."

"The fuck? For what?" He had his eyebrows raised.

"Track and Cross Country. Plus the gym." I laughed.

"Oh, so you be working on ya fitness?" He laughed.

I laughed, quickly regretting it and shaking my head.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Nothing." I fanned my face, trying to get my face to it's natural skin color.

"Your not going anywhere until you tell me." His voice soft and sexy, he looked down at me intense inching closer.

"Oh, and why is that?" I questioned.

"You know i'm stronger than you." He answered back.

"Mmhm. Alright. Well I gotta go now."

"No. Tell me why you were blushing."

"Ugh, for fucks sake! I was blushing cus I sounded like a whale." I stated.

"No you didn't and if that's the case, then whales make the sexiest noises ever." He was now up against me. Did he call my laugh sexy. Noticing what time it was, I muttered.

After my blushing like a tomato, I said goodbye. "My brother's at school so I have to jet. Can I like come over your house at maybe, six-ish?" I questioned over my shoulder and got into my car.

"No problem. See you there, shawty." Rolling my eyes, I started the car and left the school parking lot.


The whole time I was driving home all I could think about was Mason, which was freaking me the fuck out because I don't think about girls like this.

Once I was in the house I dumped myself on the couch and took the remote, turning the T.V. on.

"Aye, where you been man?" Trent fist pumped me.

"I could ask you the same question." I scoffed.

"You know that chick who Ms.Dennis paired me up with?" I shook my head eyes still on the screen.

"Well here friend is your partner for the essay and she was supposed to drop her off at her place but she wasn't there."

"Oh, so now you going to her house! How long you spoke to this chick? Fifteen minutes and you already planning to get it in?" I laughed.

"You know man, she ain't like the others. She wasn't trying to pull nothing, slip me her number, no shit like that. We just talked like we knew each other forever."

"Ah, you a little bitch for her. Look at you getting all soft and sentimental over a girl." I laughed, punching his chest. But his speech brought my thoughts back to Mason. Talking to her was the easiest thing in the world, even if it was just for ten minutes over nothing.

"Don't even say shit 'cus I know who you going soft for too." He got up and sat next to me.

"What the fuck you talking about?"

"Don't even play dumb. Me and you both know you like that chick, Merson, Mackson..."

"Mason, dummy." I answered.

"You see, you even remembered her name and you can't even be bothered to remember Stella's name half the time and you known her how long?"

"Man fuck Stella." I responded. The bitch was just a good fuck, that was all. She was just always there when I needed to get away.

"What you guys talking about?" Princeton walked into the living room, a beer in his hand from the kitchen.

"We talking about the M&M's ." He snickered. I looked over at him.

"That's the most corniest thing I think I have ever heard you say in my life, Trent. Fuck you." I smirked, punching him and getting it returned back at me.

Sitting on the seat next to Trent, we just sat there in awkward silence. I was still pissed off at that jackass about all the trouble he caused and now I was even more pissed off since I actually got to know the bitch he knocked out.

"My ass is going up stairs. I need to get started with my essay." I got up, stretching.

"Hold up, Michael.... studying? The fuck that about?" Looking over at Trent, I gave him the stare letting him know if he said shit I was gonna rip his head off.

"Fuck off." I muttered and trotted up the staircase.

Walking down the long hallway, I got to my room and closed the door. Looking over at the clock, I noticed it was five forty-five.

Pulling my Supras off and putting them on the shelf in my closet next to the various other shelves and clothes. One of the upsides to living this kind of life is the money. More money equals more shoes. More shoes equals a happy Michael. Don't you fucking judge my analogy either.

Pulling off my varsity jacket and hanging it up, I threw my white shirt into the hamper. Before I could pull my shirt over my head I just picked out of my walk-in closet,  I heard the click-clicking of heels against the hallway floor. Maybe Mason came early today? But I don't remember her wearing any heels and just wearing a pair of Uggs... and last time I checked, Uggs don't have heels.

But realization hit me too late and my door was thrown wide open. It was Stella.

"You miss me, baby?"


Once I entered the house, the smell of food filled my nostrils.

"Mom, what the hell is this?" I motioned towards food on the island table.

"Food." She answered simply. "All you guy's favorite. I even made tacos and fajitas for Dax!" She smiled.

"Okay, who the hell are you and where is my mom?" I was starting to freak out and she was just laughing.  Dax was still gripping onto my hand still, muttering something uncomprehendable in spanish or whatever he speaks.

Walking over to her cup, I noticed the smell of alcohol in the air also. Never mind it is my mom.

"You mean to tell me you made this...all?" 

"Mmhmm, all with the help of a Rachel Ray cook book." I knew she had help with this.

"Don't just stand there goddamn, dig in." Immediately stated helping her to bring the food on the table, we all dug in.

"So, how was school today?" 

"Shit I muttered.

"Shit too." Dax smiled.

"Oh, shit! I have to leave now. I'm writing this essay and I need to work on it with my partner  Mich-" I stopped myself.

"Michael? That boy that brought you to the hospital?" 

"Mom.... yes. Now I need to go if I don't want my grade to be on the line." Walking over to the peg next to the door, I grabbed my stuff and yelled a quick goodbye before starting my car and heading over to Michael's.


"What the fuck do you want?" I yelled at her.

"I live here too, jackass."

"But not in my fucking room!" 

"Why are you in suck a rush to push me out?" 

"I got shit to do, that's why." Pulling my shirt over my head, I pushed passed her and walked down the stairs.

"Who the fuck let her in?" I questioned.

"Hey, watch your mouth Michael. She's still my sister, not just your sex slave." Miles yelled over to me.

"Fuck you." I muttered. I was about to walk into the kitchen when the door bell rang. Digging in my pocket for my phone, I pressed the home button on the iPhone and it confirmed that it was 6:30. Damn, time goes by fast when your getting nagged at by you head gang member's little sister slash sex partner.

Walking over to the door, I opened it. Keeping silent, I noticed it was none other than Mason and I motioned for her to come in.

"Sorry i'm late I was caught up at home-" She froze once she got inside. Everyone was in the living room staring at her. It probably would have been have been good to warn them she was coming...

The End

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