"Okay Mason, I think your good to go." The doctor smiled at me. I was finally being let out of this hell hole once and for all. I had been in here two weeks to long. 

After Bonnie and my mom helped me get my stuff together, I was on my way.

"Ugh, air! I couldn't breath in there! Too many sick people." I stated once I was in Bonnie's car. I told my mom I wanted to ride with Bon Ton. I really wasn't in the mood to ride in a car with my mom and hear her belt out Adele and talk about the latest episode of The Young and the Restless. I've heard her talk about her crush on Nicholas enough and I almost barfed last time she talked about all the things she wanted to do with him. Even when I reminded her she was married, she was still going on about it. 

The only thing I had with me was my phone. I wasn't able to use it seeing as Princeton knocked me into a two week sleep.Once I opened the thing, I had over one hundred text messages saying "get better", and "i'm praying for you." As if I would awake from my coma and send "thank you"s to them all.

It was the about five o'clock on Sunday so I had about half a day before I would have to leave this hell hole and go to another. School.


"Okay so we know what were going to say when they come, right?" Miles questioned. There was a knock on the door and soon after someone yelled, "Police."

Walking over to the door, Princeton turned the knob and in walked the officers.

"Nice to see you gentleman again. Long time no see."Once of the stated. I knew who it was, it was Officer Johnson.

"Nice to see you too, jackass." I stated under my breath. I just wanted to get this shit done and over with.

"Excuse me?" The other one questioned. He must be a newbe 'cause I haven't ever seen him.

"I said-" 

"He said nothing." Trent interrupted. "You better not blow this. Were in deep shit right now!" Trent whisper yelled at me.

"Okay, we just have a few questions for you gentleman and we'll be on our way." 

"Sure thing, officer." I stated confidently. I've been through this shit enough times to know what to say and how to act.

"Which one of you dropped this girl off at the hospital?"

"I did." I spoke up.

"Right. And what was her name?"

"Her name was Mason." I tried to say a sentence. A one word sentence is one of the signs of lying.

He scribbled some things down on his pad. "Do you know what happened to her? What did you do when you found her, or were you with her the whole time?"

"I honestly don't know what happened to her. I was leaving the party with my  boys when I saw her lying on the floor next to her car.  Well I would assume it was her car."

"Poor girl must have been beat." Princeton chimed in. I wanted to rip his head off and use it as a chandelier. I wanted to say he was the one that beat her. I don't know how the fuck he could be so reckless.

"And no, I wasn't with her with her the whole night. I think some girl called Bonnie was." I stated, answering his last question.

"Okay. I think we got everything we needed. If you would let us out of the house that would be nice of you." Johnson stated.

"Your the police, can't you do that yourself?" I questioned, irritated at his niceness. 

"I know your pissed off i'm here, but this is a small town and shit spreads like forest fire. No matter where you are, you will fucking see me. Get your shit together 'cause I don't appreciate this."

"You think I want you the fuck around either? 'Cause your shitting yourself if you think that's the case." I stated, standing up, my anger getting the best of me.

"You better stay there!"The other stupid burly cop stated, putting his crusty ass hand on my chest.

"Chill Earl, he ain't funna do nothing." Johnson stated.

"Yeah well you wanted someone to walk you out? Here you go." I walked over to the front door and opened it.

"Don't worry. I know your hiding something, and I won't stop 'till I find what the fuck it is." He stated before him and his partner left out the door.

Pissed beyond belief, I slammed the door shut. I don't know what the fuck it is about the cops but I hate them 'till the death of me.

"What the hell, man! He's surely knows we did something now!" Princeton stood up, pushing his hand through his hair.

"No, you did something! Your the one that fucked up the mission and got caught. Now this chick is out there somewhere and if she really wanted to, she could go to the cops and rat on your ass!" I screamed, inching until I was face to face with him.

"Aye! Both of you chill your shit!" Jeremy interrupted my confrontation with Prince.

"You can't blame anyone but yourself for this shit, Prince."Jeremy stated, turning to him.

"You fucked us all over when you decided to hit the girl." I was once again shocked, to say the least. Jeremy is always the funny one who can never take anything but business seriously. But, I guess this is business.

The End

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