Getting Kidnapped is not funMature

Chapter 2: Getting Kidnapped Is Not Fun (There will be some cursing at the near end and explicit things, but not inappropriate:))




       The day went by pretty fast. I dropped Bonnie off at her house, picked  Dax up from school and drove home, planning to stay locked up in my room and drift off from the world.

 Once I got home and said hi to my hyperactive annoying and coffee driven parents, I headed up for my room, locking the door behind me. Today overwhelmed me. I just needed to, chill. S o I pulled out my Journal and wrote it down. Writing is my way of dealing with the world. I'm not that good at with talking to people about my feelings and things so it's just easier for me to write it down in my safety-blanket of a journal. 

When I was done with that, I threw off my clothes and pulled my over-sized Pink Flloyd shirt over my head. Being to lazy to find pj pants, and since I was alone in my room with the door locked, I just stayed in my shirt and undies. 

I threw my overly-hairspray-ed do' up in a messy bun and climbed into bed.  Surrounded by a sea of covers, I tried to get some sleep, even though it was six in the afternoon. But of course, my phone decided to startle me put of my sleep. 

Pulling it off the night stand, I checked it. It was Bonnie. (Of course.)















"Ugh." I growled into my pillow. Why do I let her take advantage of me so much? She better have a good reason to drag me along to some fucking party tonight.

Jumping off my overly-sized bed and onto the hardwood of my bedroom's floor, I walked over to the closet across the room right by the full length mirror.

My hair was still pretty presentable from the first day of school so I didn't need to do much to it. After I found a short one-sleeved party outfit and took a shower, I went downstairs.

"Where are you going, young lady?" My dad asked, eyebrows raised when he saw me. He was sitting in kitchen with a cook book in his hands, obviously searching for something new to cook for dinner. 

"And most importantly, why aren't you taking me?" My mom asked walking down the stairs in perfect timing. 

"I'm going to a party at Sammy's." I responded, rolling my eyes at their stupidity. 

"On the first day of school and your already going to a party? I obviously taught you well, my young buck." My dad smiled. I guess you could say I'm lucky to have such passive parents, but living with them is a little too much for me sometimes. They were reckless teenagers, and they'll probably be reckless their whole lives. It's not their faults. Their one of those people that weren't planning to have children but once they did, they quickly learned to love them from the moment they laid eyes on them.

"You didn't teach me anything, dad. I just got an e-mail stating there was a party and I'm going to it."

"Bonnie persuaded you to go, didn't she?" My mom asked while taking a seat on the counter with a cup of god knows what in her hands. My mom knew me all to well and she knows i'm not the type to just let loose.

Taking a long, hard stare at her, I took a while before a responded. "Yes...." 

She took a sip of her drink until she looked back up at me. "I knew it. You can't fool me, Mason. You came out of me, if I don't know you by heart, then your not my daughter. For Pete's sake, who's boob were you sucking when you were born?" She questioned, serious even though my dad was giggling like a sixth grade school girl.

"Mom! Seriously, what the hell?" I shouted, extending my arms out as I tried to prove how inappropriate that was of her.

My dad's eyes were traveling from me, to my mom, and down to his cook book again, in a repeating cycle.

"Answer me, Mason. Who's boob was the first?"

"First off, I don't go around sucking boobs. And second, I'm not answering that." I stated, making my way over to the door. This woman seriously needs to be checked for a place in a ward of some sort.

I kissed my dad on the cheek before went over to the door.

"WHO'S BOOB?!?" She screamed at the top of her lungs once I opened the door, stopping me in my tracks. What the hell!?! Miss Robinson was all the way across the street fixing her plants until she turned her head toward the commotion, which was my front door step.

"The fuck, mom! It was your boob, okay! Can you chill now?!?!" I screamed. By this point, Miss. Robinson was aware of what was going on and decided to be nosy enough to listen in on my mom's conversation with me.

"That's all you had to say..." She stated as if it were a normal thing to tell your mom you sucked her boob.

"Now come over here and give mommy a kiss before you embark on a drinking spree and a house filled with horny ass teenagers." She smiled from the counter in the kitchen.

Walking through the living room, I gave her a firm peck on the cheek before making my way over to the door, hearing my dad laugh even harder. Such immature jackasses.

I closed the door behind me and entered my car, avoiding Miss. Robinson's stare.

Driving over to Bonnie's house, my body was a bundle of nerves.

"Hey, Mas! Your looking hot!" Bonnie stated, opening the door to my pilot. 

"Thanks, you look pretty dashing too, Bon Ton." I smiled.

We spent most of the car ride to Sammy's talking and laughing at anything and everything, like you usually do with people you've known since you were two years old. We were sand box buddies.

Once I pulled into Sammy's drive way, it looked like the party already started based on how many people were there. But last time I checked, it starts at nine, and it's on seven...

Once Bonnie and I stepped out of my car, we walked into the house which was filled with almost everyone in school. Walking into the living room, I tried to get used to my surroundings. The cheerleaders had their uniforms, or whatever you call them, on as if it were a sin to take the things off. Most of them were swapping spit with the football players, and chatting amongst each other. Some people were sitting on the grand stairs at Sam's, some people at the punch and beer area, and the rest were scattered everywhere, causing destruction to everyone, and everything they touched. The class clowns were running around, with pots and buckets on their heads shirtless and without shoes on their feet,  slapping cooking utensils on their pot/bucket hats. It was pretty stupid and reckless. They were running into walls and people, being annoying little shits. 

It wasn't soon until I decided I needed to have fun for once instead of locking myself in my room and being a loner. So, I did what I do when I'm alone or with just Bonnie-dance. And have a pretty good time at it. Soon, I was jumping around, laughing, singing, dancing.  Then I bumped into someone. Turning around to say sorry, I noticed who it was-

"Sammy!" I yelled, hugging her tightly.

"Mason!" She yelled also, hugging me back.

"Awesome of you to come! This is the most fun I've seen you have. Glad to see ya, kiddo." She smiled, jokingly.

"Well you sure know how to throw a party." I stated.

"Well lets party on then!" She yelled, laughing. There in the middle of the dance floor/living room, Bonnie, Sammy, and I did our best dance moves.

 It wasn't long until it was time to sing happy birthday to Sammy. I always felt kind of bad for her. Her birthday was on the first day of school, for Christ's sake.

In a flash, everyone who was left in the house went outside where the pool was to sing happy birthday. Some people had spent most of the party in the pool and some just roaming around drunk. 

Someone called out, "ONE, TWO, THREE!" And that was the cue for everyone to start singing happy birthday. 

Me and Bonnie were clapping, when I felt someone brush up against my backside. I was drinking a beer and I nearly choked on my drink. Oh shit- it was PRINCETON.

"Well, you sure know how to chug down a beer. I wouldn't be able to find that out on my own based on your tiny frame." He looked at me, up and down. I felt Bonnie's nails dig deep into the tenderness of my arm.

"Um, thanks?" I responded, unsure of what to say, my heartbeat speeding up. Why the hell was I so nervous around him? I felt my stomach flutter and churn.

"Anytime, baby girl." He winked at me, before he left, his pack of boys following his lead.

"Oh my god. The leader of the Wolves Pack just said hi to you!" Bonnie stated.

"Yeah, I know Bon, I was there too." I said, rolling my eyes. Even though I knew deep down inside I thought he was hot and I have a tiny bit of a crush on him, I didn't know what the big deal is with everyone's interest in him.

"He's done a lot of bad shit, Mason. And I beg of you to stay away from him. He's bad shit for you." She warned, pointing a finger in my direction.

"Is that because you like him yourself, Bonnie?" I asked, arching a brow at her, a smiled plastered on my skeptical features.

"Well..... that's not the point..." She stated, looking away. 

"Yeah, right. Now, we better get going. I have school in about.... ah, look at that. Six hours!"I tried to get my point across to her.

"Okay, cool your shit. We'll go. But first lets get some cake."


After Bonnie and I ate, I told her I would go and park the car closer to the house so we could go home quicker. All I had to do was walk around the front of the house, since I was already outside. 

Pulling my keys out my hand bag, I hit the unlock button and walked around the front of it. Just as I  pulled the door open and placed my things on the seat, I heard a loud gun shot and I stopped in my tracks.

What the hell was that? I though about leaving right away, but I couldn't leave when Bonnie was still roaming around somewhere.

 I parked so far away from the house, only because there was so many cars and people at the party, that I ended up getting fucking lost when I went to go back to the house, of course. It wasn't this dark when we came so it was pretty hard to see, which makes sense since it's two o'clock in the morning. The only reason I wasn't lost the first time walking over to my car was because I hit to unlock button and knew which direction to walk in.

But instead of finding my way over to the house, I was lost around the neighborhood in front of a whole bunch of houses I couldn't recognize. But this isn't my neighborhood, so why would I recognize the homes?

Walking around, I began to feel scared. I left my phone and keys at the car so I won't be able to sound my car alarm or call for someone to help me out. I didn't have a jacket or any anything but my short dress and my heels. And walking in those isn't the most comfortable thing in the world.

Taking my heels off, I stood there, scared, and alone. Where the hell am I? I don't live around here. I thought about turning around and knocking on someone's door to ask to use their phone. But it was already 2:55 in the morning and that would be pretty rude. I decided to keep trucking along until and horrific sight showed itself before me.

It was a person. Laying face down, blood circled around their body. It was a dead body. And standing not too far from that body with a gun in their hands was none other than, Princeton Flloyd. I dropped my heels in shock. So much for letting loose tonight.


   That bastard deserved to die. It doesn't take much to put me in a fucked up mood and he did just that. I gave the jackass five extra fucking weeks of my time to collect that money. Should have been enough for his cheap ass. I must admit though, I was going to miss him. He was one of my best clients. For a second I felt bad for ending his life. But then I remembered all the money I wasted on the Fucktard and I didn't feel so bad afterwards.

I was about to put my gun back in it's usual place, at the back on my jeans but something stopped me dead in my tracks. Looking down past Felix's dead body, I saw a pair of small feet trembling in front of me and a pair of heels on the floor. 

Looking up, I met the eyes of Mason Adrian. She gasped, pure shock brewing in her bright brown irises. Shit. We have a witness!

Putting the gun in the waste band of my jeans, I looked at her beauty, shining bright from the tall street lamp shining down on her skin.

She started to back away.

"I......I didn't see anything..." She stuttered.

I thought about letting her go, but it was too much of a risk. I don't need her going to the police and telling them she saw me shoot someone. I already have a bad rep around here with the police. I don't need another bundle of shit to add to my list of stress.

" I......I...." She started.

I made three long strides toward her before I swiftly picked her up, tossing her tiny frame over my left shoulder. "Save it." I stated when I had her in my grasp.

It wasn't long before I made it to my car and I sat her in the passenger seat. Standing outside her door, I pulled out my phone and dialed some numbers.

"Michael?" I questioned.

"Sup, Prince. You handled Felix?" He questioned.

"About that..." I started, stuffing my free hand in my pocket.

"What the fuck happened, Princeton?" He asked, clearly on edge, his voice stern.

"A fucking bitch saw me kill the bastard." I stated through gritted teeth, irritation radiating off my body.

"Fuck..." He muttered under his breath. "Bring your ass to the place, now." He stated.

"Fuck off, your not my fucking father. You can't tell me what to do. Your ass is  lucky I was planning to go there anyways. Tell Miles i'll be home in a few."

Before he could respond, I shut the phone on the jackass. I swear everyone in this fucking world is trying to fuck up my plans. First Felix, then this Mason chick, and now Michael. Speaking of the bitch. I don't know what the hell i'm going to do with her. I might as well bring her with me. 

Stepping into my SUV, I pulled my keys out and stuck it into the ignition, the car roaring to life. This is going to be one hell of a night.


It's three o'clock at night and Mason still hasn't come back. I'm getting a little nervous, so I figured I'd go out and meet her in the car. Maybe she's waiting for me there. I comforted myself with the thought, even though I knew it wasn't likely. I know Mason since I was two. It was the best day of my life, meeting her. We were sand box buddies!

I walked out and found the car rather far away. I was starting to get worried , really quickly. The only reason Mason left was so she could bring the car closer, and it's left at the same spot. I'm literally shitting my pants right now.

I found the car and I felt the beer bottle in my hand slip from my grasp, and I fell to my knees. The door of the car was open, the key and phone on her seat....but no Mason.

"Help me! Someone help!" I screamed. No one heard. Taking Mason's phone off the seat, I dialed Mason's house. Before I could click "call, it rung in my hands. I didn't know the number but I answered anyways. Maybe it's Mason. It was, thank god.

"Bonnie!" She screamed through the phone, peircing my ear drums.

"Massy!! Where the hell are you? Are you okay?" I asked in a panic.

"Yes...." She answered as if she wasn't sure. Something is wrong. I can feel it.

"Bonnie, I'll be gone for a little while. Someone, I mean something came up. I need you to call my parents and tell them I'm sleeping over your house and that i'm sorry I didn't call sooner. Please Bon, I don't have much time to talk to you."

"Okay. I love you. Be safe!" I replied, knowing, feeling, sensing, something was wrong.

"I love you too, Bon Ton!" And with that, she hung up.

After I called Massy's parents, who were pretty calm and believed the excuse I made that she fell asleep and forgot to call, I drove home and snuck in. I had to sneek out since my parents weren't too keen on teenage parties. Now I know why.

I went to bed that night muffling my cries with a pillow. For once, in a long time, I sat and prayed for nearly and hour that Massy would be okay. She was like my sister. No, she WAS my sister. And once I find out what happened to her, I'll kill the bastard that hurt her. I swear of it.


  Im a little worried about Bonnie. I feel bad leaving her like that, even though it was an accident. I had asked this jack ass currently driving the car if I could call my phone in case Bonnie was there, and thankfully she was. 

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

"You ask to many god damn questions." He stated, irritated of all the questioning I was asking the whole time involving my safety. It wasn't long until my crush for him evaporated into thin air.

"Were here." He stated, stopping the car and pulling the key out of the ignition. I was shocked to find a beautiful, big house next to the car. But I was not to interested in that right now. All I could think of is how smart I would have been to just stay home.

Once I was in the house, I found a bunch of guys around the over-sized house. 

"Princeton, we need to talk." A rather muscled, tall man stated, making his way over to us.

"No shit, Sherlock." Princeton stated, with a roll of his eyes.

I can tell this is going to be a long, long night.

Getting Kidnapped Is Not Much Fun.





The End

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