Trouble Lurking at the Door. (Literally)Mature

Would you believe me if I told you that the world was out to get me?
First, I become the school dork, then I become the school slut. Oh, and not to mention I get kidnapped by a gang member. But believe me when I tell you this story is not how it seems......

              Chapter 1: Mason

Bzzzz! Buzzzz!! BUZZZZZ!!!

I turned my head toward the annoying noise. It was my alarm clock. It read "5:30"am. It was time for school, but based on how messed up my reputation at school is, I don't think it'd be a big deal if I missed a day.

So, I hit the snooze button on the clock and hit my head onto my pillow once more, feeling sleepiness climb up from the tip of my toes until it engulfed my hold body, soon knocking me out. It wasn't soon until I heard a familiar voice call my name though- it was mom.

"Mason! Wake up girly, it's time for school."

Ignoring her, I pulled the sheets over my head. 

"Mason!" I heard my mom yell again, this time the noise nearer. Feeling the room vibrate from my moms feet hitting the hardwood, it wasn't soon until I felt her warm and loving motherly hands touch my back.

"Mason, sweetie, your going to be late for your first day at school. Please wake up baby." I couldn't resist her begging plea for me to go to school. I have a pretty passive mom. And I'm not waiting for the moment for her to grow impatient and start slapping me to wake up. 

Turning around I faced her."I'm up." I said lightly rubbing the sleep out my eyes. 

"Thank you." She smiled. I turned and looked at my clock. 

"Shit! Mom! It's 6:30! My class starts NOW!"

"That's what you think.." She stated now laying on her stomach at the end of my bed, pulling one of my pillows under her chin.

"What do you mean?" I asked, jumping up and running all over the room looking for something decent to wear for my first day as a senior in high school. After this, I'd be out of this hell hole and into the real world. Which scared the hell out of me 'cause god knows what i'm going to do with my life.

"I set you alarm clock an hour late. So in all actuality, it's about 5:35 in the morning." She giggled at her seemingly smart idea.

"Why would you do that?" I asked, not amused, to say the least about the events she decided to take behind my back with my property.

"I knew you would not want to go on your first day and would eventually come to your senses and wake up late for you first day. I'm your mom, I know you like I know how many glasses of Vodka I had last night. Exactly three glasses to many." She laughed once more at her shitty excuse of a joke.

"Your too much to handle." I finally concluded, walking into my bathroom which was to the left side of my bedroom. 

Walking inside, I slid my pj's off. You know, the usual. And over-sized rock band shirt and a pair of undies. I owe my collection of rock band shirts to my dad. I found them in his drawer when I was snooping around the house one day. It's not like he wears them anyways, so who cares if I borrow them for about-forever. There's something about the 80's and 90's rock band era that I love and will forever love.

Stepping into the bath tub, I turned the knob on an felt the immediate sensation of the hot water hitting my tense muscles, instantly relaxing them. I almost fell asleep in the embrace of the hot water until I heard a thump on my door. 

"Mason! Get your ass out the shower!" I heard my mom yell. If you didn't know my mom, you would think that she's drunk, ALL THE TIME. But she's not. She's just insane. Plain and simple. One time, I caught her lame try at making her cup seem full of coffee when in fact, it was just Vodka. Sometimes I feel like I'M the parent but she's....she's awesome. Somewhat.

When I was done getting ready, I went downstairs to find my little brother Dax sitting on the stool in the kitchen, my dad at the stove, and my mom in the living room with my dog Kiwi on her lap as she drank her coffee. My dad cooks the breakfast, lunch and dinner. If my mom cooks it, everything will turn out burnt and black.

"Good morning, my wonderful rolling stone! I made your favorite- omelet, bacon and biscuits."My dad stated. My dad always named me after rock bands like The Rolling Stones because of his and I's addiction with rock bands. But don't get me wrong, occasionally i'll listen to people like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. But most of the time when I listen to Beyonce, she be-little s me because when I hear her sing it reminds me how bad I am at it.

"Thanks, papa." I smiled at my dad. 

" Buenos dias mi hermosa Mason, quien me ayudo a conseguir mi cabeza fuera de la valla en el patio trasero do ayer. Estoy muy agradecido por ti." Dax stated when I sat next to him. Translation: "Good morning, my lovely sister Mason, who helped me get my head out of the fence in the back yard yesterday. I am very thankful for you." 

"Right back at ya, Dax" I shot him a confused smile. I'm still not so sure about this kid, Dax. He's like my dad's pet. My dad travels a lot, and when he went to Mexico, he found a homeless boy and decided to call him Dax and adopt him. So I am no longer a only child. I know that I love him though. Dax is the one person in the world who's honestly thankful for  me. I can tell he loves me because he tells me every five seconds.

" Te amo, albanil." He smiled at me. See? I told you. He just said he loves me. 

" Te quiro, Dax." I pecked him on the cheek, immediately making his beautiful brown face redden. Damn I wish I had his skin. He looked as if he bathed in the sun for a whole freaking year.

"Time to go, kiddos." My dad said as he took my half ate breakfast and dumped the rest in the trash and did the same with Dax's.

Jumping off the stool, I walked over to the door where my book bag hung. Taking it off the peg, I took my car keys and took Dax's book bag. 

"Come on Dax." I said opening the door. As if he was an trained pup, he did as he was told and walked outside, standing next to the passenger side of my birthday present- my 2012 Honda Pilot which I believe I deserve, thank you very much. Unlike my parents who failed every test handed to them in High School, I kept my grades up, which meant I got the car I wanted. I could have gotten something more expensive but, that's too showy. Getting into the driver's seat, I told Dax to buckle up as I did the same, driving out of the drive way and onto the street of my suburban neighborhood's street.

After giving Dax a hug and dropping him off, I drove down to my friend Bonnie's house where she was waiting for me to pick her up.

"Hey, Mason! I missed ya yesterday." She stated opening the car door and giving me a hug after seating her self. 

"Me too, babe. Now buckle up, if I get in a car accident on our way to school, I don't need you going through the windshield of my new car." I laughed

"Wow, you sure know how to make someone feel in good hands." She teased.

"Ready for your first year as a senior?" She asked, pure excitement in her eyes.

"Quite frankly, no, I'm not." I stated truthfully. 

"And why the hell not?  It's your last year before you go out into the world!"

I turned my head for a split second to eye her. "That's why the hell I'm not excited. I don't know what the hell i'm gonna do with my life." I stated before turning my attention back onto the road ahead of me.

"You'll find your way, I promise." She smiled, trying to ease the guilt out of  the car, lightly tapping my knee.

"Thanks, Bonnie. I hope your right." I sighed. Within five minutes of screaming out Coldplay hits with Bonnie, filling the car with the horrid sound of two cows dying, I pulled into the shitty parking lot that is- High School.

Richmond High School, to be exact. I felt my stomach swoop down to the floor of the car, by the brakes of the car.

"We're here." I stated the obvious. 

"Let's hope this year won't be as shitty as last year." Bonnie stated.

"One can only dream." I stated.

"Let's kick this year's ass!" Me and Bonnie said at the same time. It's surprising how much a like we were. But hopefully we do just that- Kick this year's ass....

Stepping out of the car once I found a parking spot in the crowded High School parking lot, my foot hit the concrete. 

"Holy shit, this place is bigger than I remember when I was her last year." Bonnie stated in awe at the sight in front of her.

"Doesn't it seem bigger every year?" I referred to the High School we were staring at, surrounded by "groups" of people.

"I guess so."She laughed.

Let me give you a tour of the parking lot. To the far right of us, was the jocks, and when I sat jocks, I mean HARDCORE Jocks. Walking further down the parking lot, you will most likely take notice of the the group of people dressed in black with jet black hair, and some with hair every color of the rainbow. I could state all but that's just too much, so i'll just skip to the important people- The Popular Group, or as me and Bonnie like to refer as the Bitch Tribe.

The Bitch Tribe have one main cause for their existence- Devon Faith- the seed of all evil. This bitch is the one that spread the rumor last year that I had a -excuse my language-fucking bladder problem. Every time she went by my locker, she would pour water on the front side of my pants and drop a puddle of water on the floor and scream out, "Look everyone, Mason made an uh-oh!" And everyone in the hallway would go crazy.

Then, there was Princeton and his crew of gang members, The Wolves. It sound corny, but the rule this school, this town even. Everyone knows the shit they've spread all through this town. Princeton was the leader of the pact, and no one ever dared to look him in the eyes, those things could look through you if you gave them the chance. Such a shame such a hottie could be such a jackass. 

EVERY girl wanted him, but wouldn't dare to go after him. Even I wanted him. And he knew it. We both knew it. 

"What are you staring at?" Bonnie asked, searching for where my eyes were laying. When she finally caught on, she looked at me, a smile enveloping itself on her face, then going away suit. 

"No. No, no no no no no. NO!" She spat, slapping my arm after every "no".

"What the hell? That hurt." I whined, massaging my now sore arm with my free hand.

"You are not falling for Princeton." She stated. "Not you too."

"Oh please, like you don't want to get at that." I stated, laughing at my come back.

"This isn't a laughing matter, Mason. That kid has done some messed up things around here, and you know it too. Not even Devon and her little Bitch Tribe tried to date him."

"You can't just believe all the rumors, Bonnie. You never know. He could be a nice guy..." I stated, clearly blinded by his utter beauty.

"Uh, earth to Mason! What the hell has gotten into you? A murder could not possibly be a nice guy." She said in awe of my (in her opinion) stupidity. 

"Whatever, the bells about to ring." Walking together into the auditorium, we took our seats. Our school always did this pep rally thing to welcome the newcomers to the high school, and to just annoy the living hell out of the rest of us who already watched this thing at the beginning of the school year last year.

"Welcome newcomers to Richmond High School!" Our overly excited principal stated, earning a clap from the audience. "And for those of you coming back, it's good to have you."

One can only imagine the things this school would do to us. We'll just have to wait and find out.

The End

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