Chapter TwoMature

 Marie's breath caught in her throat, her hand shot up to the wound which sat undisturbed in the nook of her neck.

Her shaking fingers delved into gash and tears welled up in her eyes. There was no pain as she probed the smooth flesh and gripped the cold muscle of her shoulder. Too confused to speak or scream or cry for help; she curled up on her silken sheets. Bloody tears stained the bedding as Marie sobbed silently into her pillows. 

Please, God, help me.


The door creaked and a figure stepped into the doorway. Marie turned her head to look up at the intruder. He stared at her with his steady black eyes, holding her frightened gaze. They startled her - his eyes, they were so impossibly dark yet shone brightly with a kind of decadent malice which struck fear in her heart. 

'Did I wake you?' The Intruder's voice was low, quiet. 

She shook her head, enthralled by his eyes which were still fixed upon her; silently inviting her to speak. But she found no words to speak to the Intruder with, Marie was completely unable to verbalize her emotions at the current point in time. 

The Intruder stepped cautiously into the room, his burgundy silk shirt shifted over his torso; catching the light which crept into the bedroom from the moon. 

Marie didn't move, only carried on meeting his gaze as he stepped slowly towards the bed. Once the Intruder had reached her, he held out his large white hand to her. There was something about those hands which send shivers down Marie's spine.

He moved slowly toward me, his large bony hand reached out and slid my eyelids shut. I couldn't fight him, I could resist. His touch promised death and salvation, it beckoned me to him. The memories of the night before forced themselves into her mind. The agony of her lesion and the fear of her inevitable death. 

A bloodcurdling wail forced its way out of her throat as the Intruder reached out to stroke her cheek. 

'Please, let me go! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything! Don't hurt me!' Marie's shrieks echoed throughout the entire house as she thrashed desperately around in the bedclothes which she became entangled in, unable to escape the silken mess. 

The Intruder bent down and gently pinned her arms to her sides, every time their flesh made contact it pushed her farther into insanity. His cold hands seared her feverish skin. 

'Hush, love, quiet now.' He murmured, folding her shaking body up into his arms. She didn't resist, she could only fall into his embrace. Suddenly Marie felt as thought she were entirely dependent on the man who took her life from her. 


The End

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