Cpl. Arthur Eisenstein: Viet Nam Vampire (2)Mature

“Fall out!” L.T. orders as the sun settles on the horizon. “We’ll make camp here.”

We break ranks and drop our gear. As the last rays disappear, I pull off my hood and feel the steam rising around my bare skin.

“Shadow! Front and center!”

In a flash, I’m standing at attention before my C.O. “Yessir!” I say.

“You’ve got watch,” L.T. says. As he turns and starts to walk away, I glimpse his carotid. Its pulse is tantalizing and I reflexively bare fang.

L.T. freezes in his tracks and does a half-glance. He’s good. You could almost say his senses are vampire-like. Almost.

“Doc!” he barks out at last. “You’re on with Shadow.”

Chappy jumps to his feet. His hand is on the stake at his belt. “I’ll go,” he volunteers.

“I said Doc!” L.T. countermands.

Doc steps up. He’s our field medic and a good guy to know, but he’s always been nervous around me. He’s smiling, but his hand is on his stake.

I sigh and say, “Let’s go.”

I take point and we head off to establish our perimeter.

The End

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