Chapter 6

"I'm gong to need some stuff from the van" Said the Inspector. "Gauntlets, and a net I think." He paused. "Touble is, that means getting past that creature to get to the van. And then getting close enough to it to get the net over it!

"What are you going to put it in" Asked Rebecca. "It's too big for a cat box!"

"Mmmm ... I've got a small, portable dog kennel in the van. I thought maybe I'd put it in that! He replied, although his tone sound dubious. "You don't suppose we could intice it to go in on it's own, do you? Maybe with a bit of food. Have to be honest with ya - the less I have to handle that thing the better. I've seen it's teeth and they look painful, even with gauntlets on."

"You may be right" Replied Rebecca. She thought about his plan for a moment. "Although, I'm not convinced it's going to be that simple"

"Well, if we loose it I could always set up a cat trap aound here somewhere." He said.

Rebecca chuckled. "Well, you could" She said, emphasising the word 'could', "But with the amount of cats around here that thing wouldn't get a look in. And besides, I'm not sure that it would fit in one"

She took another mouthful of coffee, then leaned toward him slightly.

"Have you noticed what it is doing?" She asked, quietly.

He blinked at her a couple of times, then looked back at the creature outside.

"What do you mean? He asked, an edge creeping into his voice.

"Watch" She said. "See how it keeps jerking it's head around?"

"Yeah.." He said, uncertain as to what she was alluding to.

"See what happens when one of us moves" And as she said it she took two paces to her right.

The creature snapped it's head 'round to stare through the window, directly at Rebecca.

"It knows we're here" She said, her voice almost a whisper now.

"Do you think it knows we're watching it?  The Inspector whispered back.

Rebecca turned her to head to look at him, then smiled.

"Are you worried it might overhear our plan?" She said. He instantly picked up the hint of mockery in her tone and looked at her plaintively.

"Oh, OK" He feining hurt feelings. "I know it's just an animal. But, even so, it does seem to have some well developed senses. I'll wedger there are some well developed instincts there too. And you have to admit - it IS creepy!"

"Sorry" She said, still smiling at him, "You're right. And, for the record, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was aware we're watching it"

For some reason, her last comment made the Inspector feel suddenly quite uncomfortable. This creature had unerved . He wasn't joking when he said it gave him the creeps and, although he knew it's movements and responses were based on instincts, he couldn't quite shake the idea that behind those shiny, black eyes there was intellegence lurking.He shuddered. Rebecca noticed.

"You alright?" She asked.

He smiled and, for the second time that day, cursed his own vivid imagination.

"Yeah, sorry" He said. "It's just .." He paused, "Like I said - that thing gives me the creeps!"

They were both watching the creature as the Inspector spoke. It turned it's head to look straight at him.

"I think it heard you" Rebecca whispered.

The creature continued to stare at the Inspector. The Inspector deliberately turned to look at Rebecca.

"Right, c'mon" He said, briskly, "The quicker we get this thing in a cage, the happier I'll be"

Rebecca had continued to watch the creature , and what she saw as he spoke sent a shudder through her too.


The End

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