Chapter 5

In the kitchen Rebecca flicked on the switch to re-boil the kettle.

"Tea or coffee?" She asked.

"Oh, tea please. Two sugars if that's alright" The inspector replied, leaning against the worktop. "That thing is really creepy, isn't it? The way it looks at you, with it's head on one side. It reminds me of an owl"

"Binocular vision" Said Rebecca.

"Sorry?" He asked, frowning at her.

"Binocular vision" She stated again. "The eyes are set in front of the headso they can focus their vision directly ahead of them. Classic hunter, they turn their heads like that to assess distance."

He looked at her, raising his eyebrows he said "Really? I never knew that"

She smiled back at him. "I've picked up a nugget or two over the years" She said as she handed him his tea.

"But the question still remains." He said, taking the drink, "What the hell is it? I've never seen, or even heard, of anything remotely resembling it. It must be some rare, tropical species. But then you'd think someone would have noticed it was missing. I've not heard of any recent escapes. You'd think they'd be looking for it"

Rebecca picked up her coffee and took a sip. "I supposed we'd better check to seeif it's still there" She said, making for the doorway "Then come up with a plan to try and catch it. I really can't imagine it surviving around here for very long"

"Yeah, I guess" Agreed the Inspector, following her out of the kitchen.

Back in the front room they stood several feet from the window. The creature was still there, they observed it for several minutes. It had appeared to have barely moved since they last saw it.

"How long has it been there?" Asked the Inspector, quietly.

"I'm not sure" Reply Rebecca, also keeping her voice lowered , to avoid startling the creature. "I'd been in the back garden most of the morning. I only took a break to get something to eat. Thought I'd catch up with a bit of Star Trek whilst I ate my lunch. Virgin plays the repeats at lunchtime. Sorry, I'm a bit of a Trekkie I'm afraid"  She looked at him slightly sheepishly.

"Nothing wrong with a bit of Star Trek" He said, noticing her expression. "Been known to watch in bit of Cap 'n Picard myself from time to time. He smiled at her.

Rebeccas attention had returned to the strange looking creature which had taken refugue under her hedge. Still staring out the window, she asked

"So, what's the plan?




The End

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