Chapter 4

Inside the house Rebecca had spotted the Inspector from the window. She had watched as he came past the hedge on the left side of the house. She saw him as he first spotted the creature, saw the look of confusion and fascination on his face, guessing that he, too, had never seen anything quite like it before. When she looked back at the creature she could see it's attention was focused on this new, potential, threat. It's head tilting to the side and it's movements becoming slow, almost deliberate. She shuddered as, again, it seemed to be calculating the risk, thinking! She saw it pull back it's lips, exposing it's, somwhat disturbing, teeth.

She decided to take a chance, whilst it was preoccupied sizing up the Inspector, she would try opening the front door.  She walked out of the room and up to the door. Trying not to make any sound she turned the handle then, very slowly, she opened the door.

The porch obscured her view of the creature and she didn't want to disturb it by stepping out, so she stood with the door open watching the Inspectors' approach. As she watched the man she noticed the expression on his face. When she had first seen him he had looked fascinated by the creature, but now he looked concerned and wary of it. It reminded her of the shiver that had gone down her spine, several times earlier, as she had been watching it. He looked toward the door and gave her a smile by way of acknowledgement. She nodded and smiled back. 

Slowly, he made his way along the length of the car and, as he drew level with the back of it, he stepped out taking the two final paces to reach the front door. His attention was on the creature so she reached out to take his arm as he reach the door frame.

"Mind the step"  She whispered as his foot collided with it. He lifted his foot higher and stepped in.

They both moved further into the hallway as Rebecca pushed the door, making sure not to let it make a noise as it closed. She beckoned him into the front room and the Inspector followed her to the window. They both stood, slightly back from the glass in an effort  not to be too obvious from the outside. But as they looked through the glass they realised the animal was staring straight at them.

"It's as if it knows we're here" Said the Inspector in a hushed voice.

"It saw me at the window earlier! Replied Rebecca.

Then she moved back from the window again reaching for the Inspectors arm, this time to idicate that he should follow her.

"Cuppa tea? She asked, quietly

"I think I need one"   Replied the Inspector, in the same hushed tone as before.

"Lets go to the kitchen" She said, whispering now.

The Inspector  nodded and they both left the room.

The End

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