I lay my head on the arm of the sofa. My eyes are closed and my legs are propped uncomfortably on the other end. But I am breathing deeply, ignoring the discomfort. I focus my attention on my body's energy, being drawn from my heart into my lungs and pushed through my body to the tips of my fingers and toes... and drawn back in. In my mind there is no sofa. There is no room; no ceiling, floor, or roof. Only I exist, and there is no space around me. I am levitating.

And the point of this is...   ?

I guess I'm just taking time to understand myself. Life really is like this, in a way. It's true that I'm an entitiy all of my own, floating in an undefined area, able to create anything I imagine, as long as I imagine it with enough detail.

But it can't break the laws of physics, can it? But I don't even really know the laws of physics. Physicists can't even know all the laws of physics, can they? They're still learning.

So life is just a big mystery, and I should take care not to rule out any possibilities. Levitation, for example. It would be really cool...

Imagine what my friends would think if I could levitate, right before their eyes. Then I would be undeniably special. That's what I really want, not just to stand out from the crowd... really I want to fit in with the crowd so well that no one would ever suspect me of being SO special. Until, of course, I decide to show them.

The End

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