Transformation, imagination.

With what almost seems like an independence of thought, I steer away from the mall and seek out a thrift shop! Why should I keep the sweat shops running in the third world to impress the brain dead and unimaginative? This way I buy 10 times more for my money and actually help people and I don't look anything like the drones at the mall! Smug me! I go to the library and loan three transformational, self help type books. The first is a book about remarkable people. One man did everything, from peeling potatoes to watering his pot plants, using only his feet, another built an entire replica fleet of the Spanish Armada completely out of discarded bus tickets and felt tip pens, and yet another became a member of Parliament and fought to abolish polystyrene tiles, inspirational people seemed to be every where, pointing the way. My second book was about cabinate making, I'd often reflected on the exorbitant price of coffins, and instructed my family to bury me in a wardrobe, which through constant research I had discovered were substantially cheaper! Now, I'd hit on the idea of making my own coffin using recycled wood from my local council dump. The last book in my bag was probably the most potent of all when talking transformational! It was called "Levitation made easy" and from the moment I opened it I couldn't put it down until I'd read from cover to cover. I practiced day and night, and soon found that hovering over the sofa was easier than actually lying on it, as, it's only a two seater, and I always wound up with a crook in my neck, but hey, hovering over it made my afternoon naps a breeze!
The End

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