Well when I go to the mall, every Saturday with my friends. I mean what else is a girl to do at the weekends? Besides shop and have a few beauty treatments down in the beauty parlour. A girls got to look her best eh?

But every shop is the same, different brand, slightly different price but the overall effect or look ends up the same. Girls with the same fashion taste the length and breath of the country. Hair is styled and set the same too.

As although its nice to have a touch of individuality it doesn’t’ pay to stray too far away from the trend.

My girls would think I had gone mad if I suddenly grew my hair and started wearing it in dreads or plaits. Or turned up to the mall in doc martens instead of my D.k mules.

While I look the same, even talk the same I belong to this crowd. Until one day I feel brave enough to step away, maybe join another popular trend or find my own flair and break away.

Hhmm maybe one day.

The End

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