Popular ways to Stand Out

    Out on Oceanside Drive, every third shop is a tattoo parlor or a body piercing salon.  All the young rebels are lined up and waiting nervously on trendy sofas to get their badges of individuality. 

   Ornate tribal line work across the lower back is the popular choice among young women seeking to flout the norms of society.  They are all slightly different designs, but end up looking pretty much the same. 'Tramp stamps' the tattoo artists call them. 

    The most popular way for a guy to really stand out and be an individual is to shave his head and wear some heavy gauge metal facial piercings.  This is the only way to fit in with the other individualists, and they really wouldn't accept you if you don't have them.  Prominent tattoos on the arms are also pretty much a requirement if you want to be taken seriously. 

    Body modification is a really popular way to stand out these days.  Nearly everyone is doing it.  It used to be that you could wear all black, and listen to the right music to fit in with the stand out crowd, but every generation has to push the limits, and if you want to keep up, you have to go along.  What's the alternative?  You would never be taken seriously as a free thinker if you don't go along with the crowd.  

The End

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