Breaking Free

After all this. The cowardism, the unknowing participation, the conformity and the unfresh detritus of society. And it all going full circle in an attempt to break free of itself. Pulling in all directions, and never going anywhere. That's where our story begins. Breaking free of society when everyone else is, too. And you remain, again, just another sheep. She had broken out of her pasture, only to find another beyond the fence. Well, it works better than the metaphors about lemmings and cliffs.

Yet still, I cannot be an active participant. Perhaps she stood out enough, at least in her own modest mind; for being the only girl in this quiet little town that cared to be so darn philosophical while a man was chewing on her shoulder.

He'd bite, tenderly, and move to another spot. And now he was sucking, without gentleness, upon her bosom's cleavage. She knew it would leave a mark in the morning.

Is this what I have to resort to to get a man? She shifted, on the couch, with a quiet moan.

He moved away, to lick at her neck, as her body language said no more.

Is this love or just indulgence? And then she realized that, like the last man, he'd probably leave her bed in the early hours of the morning - that is, if they got that far. For a moment, she pushed the concepts we've just gone over out of her mind, and analyzed things. He was just like every other. This was just like every other... one night stand.

"Get out," she said abruptly. I am but a bench marker on this couch. I'm done being a coward. I'm done being a mere participant. I'm breaking free. This time, I won't go full circle.

"Huh?" he pulled back, to the other side of the couch. "Get out?"

She noticed a small, square package in his hand. It made her roll her eyes. Ribbed for whose pleasure?

And, to her amazement, he tore it open and a breath mint came out. It was not what it had seemed. He put it in his mouth.


"I'm sorry. I've been too forward," he admitted.

What's wrong with this guy? Does he think I was born yesterday?

He went on, nervous, "You see, I haven't been on a date since high school. This ain't familiar territory to me. I'm sorry if I've been... snogging you like a kid in a candy factory."

"Huh?" Is this guy for real?

"I think I need to break free from this. Look, I don't want into your pants. That's not why I picked you up. In fact, I don't even know what the hell I'm doing." His voice began to trail off,  "I should go."

She hesitated, "No, stay." Break free with me.


The End

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