Participants or Bench Markers?

But, what is life, other than society?  Of course we aim to please; of course we aim to fit in.  Every aspect of human life is surrounded and defined by human interaction.  We would be fools not to rely heavily on society or else we would all live our lives as pure individuals; in solitude, isolation, with nothing but our own thoughts.  If that were the case, we'd surely find ourselves in a far less modernized and far less technologically advanced world.  People need to feed off of one another, work with other minds, in order to accomplish great things.

What I ask, is this: When did the norm of society become such an evil? You ask for fresh thinkers, for people to suddenly become aware of the cloaked persona of 'society' and break free.  But how would we possibly appreciate the fresh thinkers, the originals, without the 'mere participants'?  If one woman stood above the rest, with her brilliant ideas and beautiful ideals, how could we recognize her intellect without the hundreds of sheep grazing beneath her?  We couldn't.  The 'mere participants' are our bench markers; our way of measuring the greatness of the few people who truly are great. If every one of us brought forth our individualism and shed our 'participant' status, then that lone woman would merely be a parallel; the same as the rest.

And then we'd be right back to where we started.

The End

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