Mere Participants

We are cowards not to be ourselves. We tend our actions to others' reaction. We seek to please. We seek to fit in.

We all rely so heavily on society, we need to be a part of a whole, a part of the human race. But once you've joined the human race for comfort and safety, it's time to give to society. Once you have friends and rank and status, then it's time to give to the world. It's time to give what you have to offer--your contribution straight from what makes you you. But by this time, so many people have forgotten what it is that makes them individual. And besides, they're too cowardly to be different.

But no, it's just what humanity needs! We need fresh, original thinkers, those who think for themselves beyond the controlling influences of society. We need people to be themselves and stop living life as mere participants. Participants who follow like sheep, who let the world move around them as if it were a machine running on magic. Never questioning how it actually works and whether it can be changed. And if they wish for a change, they don't try for it because they believe they are too insignificant to make a difference. Well, the first step to becoming significant in this world is to make a stand. Live life as your own. Life has not be manufactured for your use. 'Life is alive...Duh.'

The End

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