They say that research is key to a writer. Objectivity is not – as if there was no opinion, nothing would catch your attention – good or bad.

Media has provided a large window  into the rest of the world. A world some choose to remain blind to, or a world some find they have to live in, contribute to and give back to.

Remaining blind can be as simple as turning off the tv.  Not buying the newspaper or closing your ears to conversations being had by your fellow man.

People are always looking for signs. Signs that they should do, say, believe in something. Signs that someone knows more than they do – and they can act how they want to, but somehow trick themselves into thinking they have no responsibility for their actions. Fate and destiny – it was meant to be are now scapegoats for those that don’t want to take any chance in their lives.

 If  they are told to do something – or receive a “sign”  - and they follow it, no matter the outcome – they can choose to be responsible or not. If its good – they have faith, if its bad – there was a problem with the system.

They continually ask for help – but when it doesn’t come in a currency they want to pay with, they choose to ignore it and instead find fault and blame. We are becoming a society that is so much more aware than any previous generation, yet despite the technology, the advancements, the abilities – we are still cowards.

The End

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