Family LinesMature

Chapter Three:

Family Lines


A shrill beeping woke me from my dream. The dream was a recurring dream that I have had since I was ten. The only part I remember was the last second where flames burst up all around me. Even with my unexpected awakening I didn't remember any more or any different part of the weird dream.

"LORE!" My scream was muffled through the pillow I slept on. The beeping stopped.

"What?" Her voice was awake and too chirpy for a recently awaken person. I flipped over onto my back and wiped the wet trail off my cheek. After a few moments of contemplating whether or not I should open my eyes I flung my legs off the end of my bed. I saw her deep cherry-red hair curled and ready to go out.

"Where are you going? What time is it?" My voice was croaky and my morning breath was apparent even to me.

"Its noon Lila. I'm off to lunch with Jay. Meet you down there." I was about to ask who Jay was but I didn't have the patience for another boy rant. Not after all my bad luck.


"Here is your tuna sandwich, cucumbers on the side and your orange juice." Lauren pushed the tray across the table to where I sat. I smiled widely - she knew me too well. I studied the boy next to her and gave him a slight nod. To Lauren that meant I approved. "Lila you know Jay right?" She said looking at the brown haired boy who looked slightly nervous on meeting me. I don't know why I have that effect on Lore's boyfriends. I didn't know Jay but that would make him feel bad.

"Yeah I've seen you around." I smiled at him and began to eat my lunch. The happy couple were chatting away but I mentally blocked it out. A useless skill in life but very handy in school. While I was spacing out I saw Elliot walking past the till and look at me for a brief moment. I didn't give him any look in particular but he immediately diverted his glance and walked off. It must be bad when my own stalker can't even look at me. "Lore I'm going to get some air." Her endless flirting with Jay didn't seem to leave her any brain power to take any notice of my words so I just walked off.



"Lila?" I heard my name being called from the top of the steps.

"Go away Nick, I'm concentrating." I was focusing all my energy and mind power on the wick of a white candle that was on the table in front of me. I sat at the teacher's desk in Jacobs' classroom. To my utter shock she did not spend every waking moment in her chair.

"Yeah..." He paused and looked around the classroom for someone else. "You shouldn't be in here." And that is what made me snap. Snap worse than a bag of twiglets getting trampled on by an elephant. I should've channelled my rage into the candle but my wires were short fused. I removed my body from the chair and walked slowly over to the mass of brown hair that seemed slightly worried now.

"Really? I didn't know that. I mean it's not like I've been at this school for over a year compared to your three whole days." I took in a deep breath and relaxed my mood and my voice. "Now if you will excuse me Mr. McCauley I need to set alit to this candle or else I will have to consider the option that I am indeed adopted." I spat the last word and returned to the swivel chair.

"Right." I couldn't believe it. He was completely unaffected by me. "Well since you like breaking the rules I leave you to it." His figure swivelled round on his heels and began to ascend the stairs out of the classroom.

I muttered ‘jerk' under my breath and he paused momentarily. I couldn't see his face but I hoped it was saddened by my remark. I couldn't care less about why he kept running into me at all the bad times; I just wanted a flame. I knew I wasn't adopted but that also gave me a reason not to be able to perform the simplest skill. My family (both side) were purebred - in a use of certain words - back to the seventeenth century. That means each generation gets stronger with their abilities. My mother created a major storm when she was thirteen when her mother sent her to her room. My father shorted out his whole neighbourhood's power when he was just eight. And then there's me. I was under a lot of pressure to find my powers.

The wick remained black and cold even with my added anger.


"My mum says hi." Lauren said as I walked through our door. She was at her makeup desk writing on a piece of paper. Guess that meant the post was here. Every first Saturday of the month our parents sent us their letters. Tradition since we were sent off to primary boarding school. Picking up the letter that was addressed to me on my desk I picked it open and read the contents.



Hope you are still enjoying school. I had a note back from your headmistress detailing your latest hot chocolate rule break. She didn't seem too mad and neither am I: just make sure you cut down on the sugar.

Your brother phoned me the other day and sends his best. He said fighting in the war was tiring but he is of course a lot more talented than those humans. He'll be safe so don't worry.

Dad says hi but is a bit preoccupied with his new birds to write you a letter. I tell you Lila his fascinations and hobbies are getting weirder by the month.

Be sure to send our regards to Lauren.

Lots of love,


P.S. Uncle Jerry is in hospital from a bad fishing accident. Hopefully he'll be fine.


She just had to rub it in about my brother being a superstar when it comes to the elements. Nothing like sibling rivalry - maybe because he is already the best and there is no point competing. It didn't surprise me that my dad had taking a liking to pet birds and my Uncle's fishing accident didn't strike a nerve. I didn't know him very well but of course all accidents are tragic.


"My mum says hi back." I smiled at Lauren and plucked out a piece of paper from my notebook.



School is school. It is as great as it can get to be honest. Except the whole powerless thing.

I am trying my hardest and the chocolate thing was to let off some steam.

Tell the whole family greetings especially Luke.

Remember dad is dad and if the birds bother not to worry. He'll get bored soon. Sorry to hear about Jerry but I'm sure he'll recover just fine.

Love Lila.


Short but sweet. I left out the whole embarrassment issue. If I had wrote about it a two hour phone call would have followed as soon as she had read the letter. Lauren was still writing about every minute of every day in her letter so I stamped my envelope and walked down to the school office to post my letter. I handed it over to the redhead who sat at the desk with a smile. She smiled back warmly and placed my letter in a box.


"Hold your horses Hercules." The annoying Irishman said as I almost walked into him on my way out of the office. I scowled at his always perky nature. Please tell me he annoyed everyone he ran into.

"Are you following me?" I huffed as I left the school office and retreated back to my room. Him following me was no surprise but was extremely annoying.

"No just coincidences. One after another after another." He caught up with me and we now walked side by side. His smile, although extremely hot, taunted me. I stormed up the stairs in silence but my older puppy dog still remained next to me. "So you're pissed at me?" Was that a guess?

"You annoy the crap out of me." I smiled sarcastically and stopped at my door. I frantically searched my pockets for my key but soon realised the obvious. I left my key in there. I grunted and knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again. No answer.

"Locked out?"

"Shut up." I snapped at him but again he carried on talking nonchalantly.

"Look I have a master key here." He said dangling the key that he got out of his pocket. Why did he have a master key? He was only my tutor and a PE assistant. I wasn't going to question it though. I snapped the key out of his hand and opened the door. Shoving the key back into his hand I walked in and slammed the door behind me. "See you later then." The sound was muffled through the door.



"I'm not getting up." My complaints were no use. My body kept on rocking side to side uncontrollably. "Hawkie." I groaned. Hawkie was my great nickname for Lauren that I had thought of when I was seven. Extremely catchy.

"You have fifteen minutes to get to class." My face froze in shock. Fifteen minutes? That was going to be a rush. I leapt up and almost knocked Lauren back off her feet. "I'm off see you after science."

Usually I got up an hour before but I was up until three in the morning finishing off my science coursework. I procrastinated and this is what happens. I grabbed my keys, my bag - with my paper in it - and my keys. I got to the science hallway about two minutes late but Mr. Jeckles would count. As I rushed through the doorway I could see class had started and I saw two very disturbing things.

One was the predictable and very angry Mr. Jeckles that seemed to be clock watching until I got in to his class.

The other was the annoying boy sat next to my chair at my usually empty science desk. What the hell was he doing here? PE, elemental magic and now science?

"Miss Sawyer." I froze in my spot. At least the class was too scared of my ever changing moods to listen in on my confrontation. "Now I presume that you are late because of your late night rush to get your paper finished. Am I correct?" His eyebrow raised at me.

"Your statement does not lack facts." I heard a snicker coming from my desk. An Irish snicker. He stuck out his hand and I placed my thick essay into it. In defeat I retreated to my desk and sat down next to the grinning Cheshire cat. "I would ask but I don't care." I said looking at his smile. His adorably annoying smile.

"You do care. I had this time off and I thought it would be a good lesson to take up."

"You had to take it up at my desk?"

"Shush. Class has started." His sarcasm was unbearable but I obeyed the rule. If I didn't speak then he shouldn't have.


"And ends in residual smoke production." Mr. Jeckles finished and closed up the class. I don't remember what exactly the lesson was on; something about fire combustion. I was - as my mum would say - away with the fairies. I spent most of the time counting ceiling tiles. It was a very productive way of spending the lesson and I came to the conclusion that there were either thirty eight or thirty nine ceiling tiles. If I had been asked a question then I'd have been screwed; it's a lucky this Jeckles likes the sound of his own voice otherwise I'd have to pay attention all the time. "For homework please I would like you to list the steps of fire combustion. Due in on Wednesday."

"What?" I said a little too loud which caused the grey man to turn round at me with a strict look. "You just made us right an essay. Don't we have any down time?" I asked my eyes wide in plead.

 "Yes Lila. You get tonight off because I'm sure you will leave it to last minute like always."

"Actually Sir I think Lila is right in a round-about way. School rules state that after completing a coursework piece that accounts for over ten percent of the grade then the students should get a week off of homework." I had never been so glad to hear him. Although my awe struck face was staring at Jeckles I flashed a small smile to Nick who saw it of course. Jeckles let out a growl and nodded reluctantly towards Nick. "This mean we're ok now?" His face looked serious.

"What?" I laughed. I pushed my school book into my bag and stood up from our desk only to have Nick mirror my actions. "You quoted the school rule book to get me out of homework?" He did it for me?

"Well I don't have to do homework so yeah I guess." He shrugged his shoulders at me and followed me as I walked past the whimpering science teacher. "So me and you? Alright, yeah?" I smiled in embarrassment and gave a small nod.

"You shouldn't have done that." I flushed. "I could've done the homework; just lazy." Nick let out a small laugh and gave me a side glance. "Lore hey." Lauren stood round the corner where I usually met her up after my disastrous lesson but it didn't seem so bad anymore. "How was Spanish?"

"Complicated." She sighed but smiled at me her cheeky smile that made me fear the next words she spoke. "Mr McCauley looks like you've been honoured. Lila is a hard person when it comes to liking others." I knew it.

"Well me and Li are gonna be best buds. Right?" His arm grabbed around my waist and pulled me to him. Wait did he call me Li?

"It's the nickname that never stuck Lila." Lauren laughed. I tried it out for a year in my earlier childhood but Lila stuck better. "How'd you know?" I was intrigued too. Only my parents and Lauren knew about my failed name.

"Just made it up here." I would have believed his if he hadn't hesitated. Wiggling out of his arm I gave Nick a suspicious look but couldn't be mad. I had no homework tonight. "I've got to go. See you at dinner." He smiled and walked off. Did he just invite himself?

Lauren gave me a suppressed smile and I rolled my eyes. "Don't go there. He is too annoying."

"Only a few days ago you were calling dibs on him. Lila he's probably like twenty seven you can't."

"I'm not." I said bluntly. "And he's twenty."



We sat in the dining hall at our usual table with the usual people sat there - us two. In front of Lauren was a plate full of sausages, mash and an extreme amount of sweet corn. My plate had a hamburger on and a side order of chips. No sight of Nick. I didn't want to make it obvious that I was looking for his so I would glance up every now and then. Before I could start counting time down the sweet corn mountain opposite me had crumbled.

"Lila, eat. He's not coming." I sighed and shoved a chip in my mouth. Every time I give that boy a chance the knocks it to the ground. That's it no more chances. I don't care if he pleads with his deep hazel eyes and his entrancing accent. It won't work because I'm not a forgiving person.

"Liliana Sawyer?" A voice shocked me from behind. It was the redhead from the desk before and she came bearing an envelope. Usually they just shove it in our mail tray. I nodded and took the white envelope from her that was printed urgent.



I am sorry to write this but your Uncle Jerry had passed away in hospital due to his injuries. As much as he would appreciate you attending his funeral your education comes first. I hope you don't dwell on this and I'll be sure that Jerry gets your goodbye.



"Poor mum." I whispered under my breath. Her brother had died and she obviously was taking it hard because the letter was only a paragraph long. Lauren gave me confused eyes and I read the letter out to her. She rushed up to hug me - I didn't need comforting; I was just worried for my mum.

The End

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