Book Of RulesMature

Chapter Two:

Book of Rules


I sat up quickly as the sound of the door slamming awoke me from my sleep. I squinted my eyes in the darkness to see Lauren sneaking in. That's it - I've got her. I flicked on the bedside light and saw her trying her best at not making any noise. As soon as she saw me sat up in bed - most likely hair like a birds nest from sleeping - she stopped and a look of guilt came over my face. I crossed my arms and looked at her with disgust. Her hair was probably as bad as mine and her mascara was slightly smudged. She was carrying her heels and jacket in her hand.

"You didn't." I said like I was her mother. She gave me a slight smile and dropped her shoes and jacket by the side of her bed and sat down on the end of mine. Her smile was now full on ecstatic.

"One night thing, Lila. It was amazing and awesome and every other word you can think of." She glowed as she said the words but I kept replaying ‘one night thing' in my head. A one night stand and she was that happy?

"You are making a bad reputation for yourself." I mumbled and led back down on my bed. My eyes automatically drooped down and I began drifting off instantly. I felt a hand on my forehead and run through my hair.

"Don't worry Li." Lauren said in a hushed tone. "I'm over my boy quota for this month. We'll work on you tomorrow." She cooed and a weight shifted off my bed. That was the only thing I remembered before my alarm woke us up.


"You should eat something Li." Lauren poked at me as she slurped her cereal. We sat in the dining hall on our round table. Me and Lauren stuck together and we sat together too. Although we were liked by almost everyone - excluding blonde and her clones - we sat by ourselves. It worked out better because we didn't need to talk in the mornings which was great for a non-morning person like me.

"I'm not hungry." I slumped back into my arms. After she had woke me up I did fall back asleep but into a restless sleep. I was extremely tired - the kind where coffee was the only answer. Despising coffee I stuck to my cup of tea with a coffee label. It made it seem more sophisticated. I looked up at a bunch of blond hair making its way towards us. "Lore." I moaned quietly.

"Lookie who's coming Li. Your favourite person in the world." We both looked at each other as we realised we didn't know blonde guy's name. I thought for a while; he was in our class which meant I should know.

"Hey Lila!" Crap! He knows my name. I have no excuse. I gave him a deep look as my mind continued to search the folders it had stored away all the useless information. Nothing. I came up blank. Maybe if I just kept quiet he would go away. "It's me. Elliot. You threw a paper ball at me." He laughed at me. Elliot of course.

"Its morning you will have to ignore us." Lauren laughed with relief in her tone. Still didn't know his last name though. Elliot pulled up a chair and sat opposite us at the table and both of us gasped at that - on the inside.

"Ok. So Lila I wanted to know if you want to go out sometime. Like tonight at six?" I knew this was coming. I've never had the problem with letting guys down because they have always been jerks but now that he has done nothing wrong it just seems mean.

"Pick her up at our dorm. 103." Lauren said as I held my breath. She didn't just do that. That means I have a date. A date with Elliot?! He's good-looking but not my type at all.

"Great and maybe you can speak to me tonight?" He laughed at me and I just gave a single nod. I was in shock. I was in major, serious shock. As soon as he had left the dining hall my head crashed down on the table. When I looked up it was as if no one had noticed. Usual for me I guess.

"I told you. I'm working on you and Elliot is nice." Lauren said as she picked up my empty cup of tea and tossed it into the bin. "See you in theory." Lauren walked off out of the dining room and I definitely saw some guys watching her but I watched her with angry eyes. I'm going to feel even worse now when I say that he's not my type.


Later after my history lesson with my other friends, I met up with Lauren in theory. We learnt all about fire. Exactly what I needed to take my mind off of my inability to conjure up a flame. Me and Lore spent most of the lesson in silence. I was giving her the cold shoulder after my arranged date. She broke me though and soon our friendship was back on track. By the time we got to P.E I had completely forgot about Elliot what's-his-name.

"We're running today again?" Lauren groaned as she slowed to a halt at the side of the classroom. We were completely invisible now! We both slumped down against the wall next to the door. People in our class had already started warming up - fools. I wasn't sweating one more drop than needed. The door next to me flew open and smacked against the wall only a centimetre away from my body. I gasped aloud and looked up at our teacher. Her blond - grey hair was pulled in a tight pony tail and she was wearing shorts that did not flatter her legs at all.

"Shouldn't be sat down then should you." She muttered looking down at me. I didn't know why all our teachers seemed to like being sarcastic and cynical towards me. It seemed like a game. There was probably a tally chart in the teacher's lounge and the person with the most sarcastic comments against me wins a vacation. I wonder if the students were in on it too.

"Sir, no, sir." I stood up quickly and saluted her. She ground her teeth together and muttered incoherently under her breath. She moved into the centre of the room followed by a guy I hadn't seen before. He was laughing under his breath - most likely at my comment to Ms. Brush. He had dark brown hair and matching brown eyes. His figure was muscular but still quite lean. His baggy top and trousers didn't exactly flatter him but he seemed to pull off the look. I didn't realise until he looked away that I was staring and analysing him.

"Dibs." Me and Lauren both said in unison. She had stood up and admired the boy with me. She gave me a disappointing look and put her hands on her hips.

"Lila you have a date tonight. You can't have him." She said in a motherly tone.

"You set me up and he is so..." I said drifting off into a dreamy voice. We both sighed together as the guy stood next to our bulk of a PE teacher.

"Listen up everyone." She said in her husky voice. She might as well have been a man for all we knew. "We are doing laps again today. I would like to introduce you to our new teaching assistant." My face - and Lauren's face most probably - fell in disappointment. How old did that make him? We both looked at each other and gave that we have no chance look. "This is Mr. McCauley." She said pointing to our unavailable teacher.

"Irish. Nice." I said not realising I was talking out loud. I immediately froze up as everyone looked at me. Even Lauren knowing my weird nature looked full of surprise - her eyes wider than anyone's who was looking at me. I could feel the blood rush up into my cheeks as both of our teachers looking at me. Shake it off. "So you're Irish?" I said trying to forget about my embarrassment.

"Yeah." He said - his accent now clear. His amazing voice and dreamy accent that was fighting back laughter himself. "Actually just moved."

"Great." I said strangled. The class continued but my thoughts were still stuck in those few minutes. I avoided any eye contact with Cauley or anyone else who laughed in my direction. My usual running was a slow jog next to Lauren but I wanted to get away from everyone so I fastened up. It made me slightly out of breath but put me ahead of the whole class.

"Lila. I know you're... embarrassed... but you have to... slow down."Running at my pace obviously wore her out. I shook my head and Lauren fell behind once more. She kept matching my pace to tell me to slow down but every time I said no and she fell back in exhaustion. You'd think she'd learn.

"Don't be too embarrassed. Lots of people like my accent." The Irish guy said as he came into my view. I hadn't even realised he was running but my mind had blanked most people as I ran round the marked out track outside the campus buildings. Even he was teasing me now.

"Look I have got my mind focused on running here so take all your comments and stick them up your..." I tried to finish but I was cut off by his laughter. His perfect laughter than mocked me. I couldn't believe I liked this guy. Looks aren't everything and this guy certainly wasn't as great as his looks underneath. His laughter rung through my ears like a vice and I began running faster than before. This definitely put me out of breath and if he ran faster I wouldn't have had the oxygen to speak.


"Come on wear the black dress." Lauren said dangling the scarce material before me. I gripped the towel that covered me and looked at the clock that was on my bedside table. I had half an hour before my tutoring would start and all I had managed to do was my hair.

"I am not wearing that to my lesson. I don't have time to change after!" I said as I frantically searched through my drawers to no avail. I looked over to see Lauren still dangling the black dress by her fingers. I huffed and grabbed it from her and began getting ready.

"If you don't like this guy why are you making such a fuss?" A look of mischief clouded her usual almost-innocent face. I scowled at her but continued to pull up my tights.

"Lore." I sighed. "I don't care if I like this guy or not I still have to make an awesome date. Rule number twenty three." I quoted the book and Lauren laughed as she pulled me to her desk chair. She pulled out her tub of foundation and began layering my skin.

"I still don't understand why you can't change after your lesson." She said as her makeup pad smoothed over my skin leaving a cold trail behind it. Her tongue slightly poked out from her pale lips and her eyes narrowed like she was painting a masterpiece.

"I need the lesson which means I could take the full two hours and I can't risk it." I sighed as the pad tossed through the air and landed in the bin. Out of the bag she pulled out a blusher and another brush. After examining the colours a red shade was applied to my cheeks. "Is this going to take long? Jacobs has a thing about being late."

"Thought she wasn't teaching you." She said her tongue never retreating back into her mouth. Purple eye shadow appeared next out of the bag and soon was being smoothed onto my eyelids.

"She practically lives in her classroom." I laughed as I opened my eyes to see lip gloss this time.

"And we're done." She spun my chair round to a small face mirror and I examined my face. Spotless and perfect as if a professional did it. I smiled.

"Thanks Lore. You rule." The full length mirror showed how short my dress actually was. It came halfway down between my knees and my waist and if I bent down you could probably see my pants through my tights but I couldn't care less. If I drop my spoon Elliot should pick it up. "How do I look?" I twirled round but the material clung to my legs.

"Fabulous Darling." She cooed and sat on her bed. "You better be off if you don't want to be late." She warned me. I glanced back at myself one last time. This wasn't the first time I had worn something this skimpy so people shouldn't stare that much. I opened the door and stuffed my phone in the small bag that I hung from my shoulder. "Wait." She said just as I was about to close the door behind me. I caught my keys that were tossed in the air. Close one.


I was completely and utterly wrong. As I paced the hallway I got every single look you could imagine. Disgust from girls and some teachers. A spite of jealousy from some of my friends that I hung out with during classes that I was away from Lauren and a few flirtatious remarks from almost every guy I passed - I tried to forget the look I got from Janitor Grey. All the attention made me feel like I was naked - like a nightmare I used to have when I was younger.


I slowly made my way into Jacobs' class and prayed that she wouldn't be there. As I clicked my heels down the steps I sighed with relief but was slightly annoyed that the room was empty. I sat down in my usual seat and crossed my legs in impatience. Yes it was only a few minutes after I got there myself but patience had never graced me with its presence.

"You." I heard a familiar Irish accent. I jumped up.

"Cauley. I mean Mr McCauley." I said in shock. My eyes widened as I saw him look at me up and down. My arms automatically grabbed the side of my calf and my arm to cover me up. He shook his head like he didn't have control over what he was doing.

"You look a bit dressed up for a lesson." He moved up to the front of the class with a smug look on his face. After putting his feet up on Jacobs' desk and making himself comfortable my mind put two and two together. He was my tutor.

"I'm going out after." I stuttered. "You're my tutor?" My face must have been hilarious because his restraint seemed to be put to the test and a little laugh popped out of his mouth.

"Yep. I'm Nick." He stood from the chair and walked over to my desk. I felt violated because he kept glancing down at my dress. I put the thought out of my mind and tried to keep my head in the classroom.

"Nick isn't Irish."

"And Lila isn't English." He mused.

"Short for Liliana. It's Spanish." I said recalling the key-ring my mum got me for my birthday when I was eight that explained my name. "Means something like purity."

"Really?" He said looking back down at my dress and obviously my legs which sprouted out from it.

"Could you talk to my face - not my legs?" My annoyance came through into my words but he didn't seem to mind my voice.

"Wear jeans then." A smile appeared on his face as he stood in front of me. "Now... Elemental Magic. I've been old you can't do anything." He returned to the desk and leaned against it while looking at me. I bit my lip at every harsh word that wanted to pass.

"Actually..." I said walking up to the desk and standing right next to Nick. "I'm quite good at a different type of magic." I flirted. Maybe I could have some fun here. He seemed game so why shouldn't I get a giggle.

"Don't care about that in this class." He whispered in my ear. He was definitely game. I brushed my hair behind my ear and returned to my desk. Crossing my legs once more I leant in and placed my hands on my legs and my head on my hands.

"How old are you?"

"Not relevant." His joking and flirtatious mood was now gone and he was in teacher mood.

"Come on. You can't be that old. Twenty seven? Eight?"

"Twenty." He said as my head popped up from my hands in surprise. "Look Lila we're here to learn since you obviously can't. So just read this book." A book of about two hundred paged fell on my desk. Wind. So he could use magic fine - guess it was just me.

"I've studied theory for the past year." I noted as I flicked through the text book. He nodded towards me and I opened the book to the first page. "Seriously?" He just nodded once. With a huff I began to read the text on the page.


"He just made you read a book?" Meg said as I walked down the hall with her after my mentally draining tutor lesson. I nodded in anger and gritted my teeth to stop myself from cursing. Meg was one of my friends and my main friend when it came to lessons that Lauren didn't take. It was mean that I considered her a backup friend but she didn't mind it at all.

"I'll see you later." I waved her off as I approached my hallway. Before I could even grab my keys I saw Elliot stood outside my door. "Hey." I said as he turned round to look at me. Surprised from the fact I wasn't in the room or from my outfit I didn't know but he was glad to see me. "Sorry lesson ran late."

"That's fine." He managed to get out as he looked me up and down. I wished people would stop doing that. "You ready to go?" I nodded and we set off for the gates of the school. Since it technically was the weekend we were allowed to leave campus and go outside into the real world.



"Awful?" She asked while I laid on my bed sulking at my disappointment. "It couldn't have been that bad." Lauren said sitting on the end of her bed with her pink spotted dressing flowing over the edges of her knees. I just nodded and walked off towards the bathroom.

Staring at myself I picked out slowly - one by one - everything that was wrong with me. Every girl does it I just do it in a more obvious approach. I had found a total of six flaws with my face - major ones. Maybe I wasn't cut out for the whole dating thing because of my weirdly coloured purplish eyes. That seemed to be the only reason for my bad luck. He ranted for an hour about school, an hour about the weather and tripped while trying to kiss me. Normally I would forget about all that and put it down to nerves. That would have been the case if he didn't ask me for a quickie in the restaurant toilets before we left. I'm glad his lip started bleeding after the fall. That's right I literally have guys falling at my feet.

"I have large pores." I said still identifying all that's wrong with me.

"You do not and stop doing that." Lauren said dragging me away from the bathroom mirror. She forcibly sat me on my bed and threw my blue pyjamas, white dressing gown and white fluffy slippers at me. "Get dressed and we are going to raid the kitchen." She said as a smile lit up my face.

Rule number three: If either one of us felt down we would correct that with hot chocolate and whipped cream.

Raiding the school's kitchen at dark - and obviously against the rules - was just a perk that helped us on the bridge to mending. Quickly and excitedly I slipped into my attire and we made our way down the blacked out halls.

"Lore you stepped on my foot." I complained in a whisper as we stepped outside into the freezing cold. It was about a five minute walk until we reached the kitchen but with the piercing cold wrapping round us we decided to run - as fast as our slippers could allow. Our hushed giggles were the only sound we made as we picked the lock on the kitchen door. We had done this so many times that we were practically trained to rob a bank. The doors popped open at we flicked the lights on.

"Now Miss. Sawyer, Five marshmallows or ten?" Lauren giggled as she pulled out the large white bag from the cupboard and the tub of hot chocolate. I began pouring the milk into the mugs and carefully placed them into the microwave.

"Only five minutes until Chocolaty time." My sing-song voice started off a dancing feeling in the air and for each second the microwave was on for my mood had risen. A ding snapped us out of our dance moves and soon our drinks were out and ready for decoration. I placed a very messy dollop of whipped cream on the surface and placed five little marshmallows on top whereas Lauren stuffed ten marshmallows into the cup to create stilts for the whipped cream so it wouldn't melt. "Imaginative." I said in an approving voice.

We were about to sit down but a sudden bang of the doors startled us. Fun was over and Mr. Jeckles - head of science - burst through with an angry look on his face but our happiness wasn't wiped away completely.

"Whoa! Calm down Mr. Jeckles." Lore said as she raised her hands in the air - spilling her drink slightly.

"Yeah look what you did now. Lore spilt her hot chocolate." I laughed which infectiously spread to Lauren. He however did not get the joke and marched us straight into the teacher's lounge. It was dull at best but what took me by surprise was the amount of teachers that were present in it even though they had rooms on campus themselves. All their eyes turned to us but amusement seemed to be the most present emotion. Soon I saw Mrs. Krupt - Our headmistress - peer her head round the corner with a cup of coffee. At least I hope it was coffee. She looked down at our drinks and smiled at us.

"Lauren Hawkins and Liliana Sawyer." She said amused. "This is the fifth time you have done this. Any excuse?" Me and Lauren looked at each other with a small smile and shook our heads in unison.

"Not really miss. Lila had a bad date so I thought that I'd cheer her up."

"And hot chocolate is the best way. And how else to repay her from the last time where she helped you after your failed test." Her eyebrows rose at Lauren but she wasn't telling her off. She was talking about the last time we got caught in our Kitchen-Antics but that wasn't the last time we had snuck in. But we just nodded. "Girls will be girls." She looked up at the ever increasing angry science teacher. He huffed and walked off.

"Making that coffee Irish are we Krupt?" Lauren said as if she were talking to her friend and not the woman who could decide to expel us or not. She laughed once and looked over at me.

"Liliana would like that. Wouldn't you?" She looked at me with a pun in her eyes. The whole room seemed to be snickering with the joke. I just whimpered and turned into Lauren for a comfort hug. Now even teachers were taunting me about it. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse! "Just joking dear. Drink up and go back to your dorm." Her annoying voice soon disappeared into another section of the room.

"It's ok." Lauren hushed me as her tight hug cut off my oxygen supply. "It's ok."

"Nice slippers." I swung round to the comment forgetting the fact that half of my drink was still in my hand. My eyes opened from there closed state - a state that I wanted them to stay in - to see Nick covered in lukewarm chocolate. I held a scoff in my neck.

"Don't make fun of the slippers." As if my intentions were purpose I put my hands on my hips and stared him down. The look on his face was priceless but he didn't seem to care as soon as the moment had sunk in. In fact he began to laugh which then spread to the teachers round him, then to Lauren but I refused to participate. I looked at the pink and white spotted person next to me and signalled to go back into the real world. I didn't want to hang out with the chocolate coated jerk for more time than needed.

The End

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