A romantic, fantasy. Published previously but his time I will finish it. A supernatural school with a stalker that seems to want more than a girls company. It's up to her bodyguard to keep her from harm but that's not always easy.



Chapter One:

Burning On Nothing



"Are you kidding me? I've heard of elemental magic but I can't even make a breeze!" I moaned as we sat down at our seats. The chalk board had ‘FIRE' written in big letters across it but our teacher was out of sight. Lauren, who sat next to me, also had noticed the absence of our teacher because she took the opportunity to tell me every detail of her current crush. I faded in and out of the conversation and nodded when appropriate. I love Lauren to bits but she has a new boy every day.

"He's over there." She said as my gaze followed hers to a boy sat at a desk a few in front of us. He looked appropriate. Short blond hair, fairly normal height - which I could tell of him sitting down - and pretty handsome on looks.

"Not very outgoing though, is he?" I noted as no one talked to him while the teacher still failed to show up. The great thing about me and Lauren was our average popularity. Lauren was the socialite that got invited to parties and birthdays and every event that needed an invitation whereas I was well known for my gate crashing skills. Every party with an invitation was just a message for me to walk on in. No one seemed to mind because I brought fun to the party. We seemed to make a name for ourselves and in that people respected us.

"Doesn't look like it - no." She said still admiring the boy that sat in silence. I examined her face and it wasn't full of her usual mischief more like curiosity. I guess throwing her a bone just this once would be ok. After taking her notebook and tearing out a plain piece of paper from the back, I screwed it up into a paper ball. "What the hell are you doi- No Lila don't." She warned as she caught my drift. I lifted up my hand and pelted the boys pack with the newly formed paper bomb. It slammed right in the middle of his back but obviously it wouldn't have hurt. Thank God no one else saw. His head turned round to give us a better view of his features. His blue eyes looked at us questioningly and I waited for Lauren to make her move. But she froze. I sighed once.

"Come sit with us." I said leaning over the desk so he could hear me more and moving my finger to reel him in. He sat with a confused look for a second more before opening his mouth to speak.

"I'm good here thanks." He said but didn't turn around. Once more I looked round for Lauren as my backup but her perfectly formed mouth was shut as tight as a safe's door. She needed o be yelled at but now was not the time.

"Come on, please?" I asked putting on my puppy-dog eyes. No guy could resist that and I saw his face change. Curiosity soon turned to thought and before we knew it he had begun packing up his stuff. He was about to get up but a flame in the front of the class stopped him.

It combusted out of nowhere and was burning on nothing. Everyone, no aware of this fire, sat back in their seats - including Lauren's crush.

"Sorry I was late but there was a meeting I had to attend." A woman's voice boomed from the back. Her reddish-brown hair and defined face came down to the front of the classroom sporting her usual white blouse and black trousers combination. What a stylish one she was! "Fire combustion is a tricky one. And as some of you still haven't mastered the basics..." Her eyes glued on me just like the whole classes. "...It might be a bit tricky."


So I couldn't conjure up wind to turn pages in a book - I had hands for that. Besides who really needs wind in a battle? Fire would be better any day and I'm sure it would be much easier to grasp.


"Lila?" Her voice came across sympathetic but with the stern teacher side as always. "Can I speak to you for a moment outside?" She said leading me out of the classroom. I took one last look at Lauren and her almost burned out candle. She had managed it at least ten different times just like every other person in the class - except for me of course.

"Look before you say anything I can do it." I said pathetically once the classroom's door was closed. "I can do magic - It's in my blood. I just need a little more practice that's all." I insisted as she just watched my excuses fall out of my mouth. Her green eyes glared at mine and waited for me to finish.

"Lila you come from a very strong line of magic - yes - but that doesn't mean that you won't struggle. You haven't performed one skill that I have taught you this year. If I didn't know you family so well I would guess that you had no magic running through your veins." That hit hard. I came from one of the most dominant lines in our community but could do anything with my genes. It was true. I hadn't even got a single magic spark out of myself in my whole life. I was basically normal.

"I'm trying my hardest Ms. Jacobs I really am but I just can't seem to manage it." I sighed. I was a pathetic attempt for an elementalist.

"Look I can get you some extra help to bring you out of your shell. Maybe with some extra hours we can tap into your potential, ok?" I nodded and followed her back into the classroom. I sat back at our table in front of my unused candle. Lauren gave me a sympathetic look and blew out her flame.

"I'm useless Lore." I sighed and laid my head in my arms. "I can't flip the pages of a book without my hands. What am I going to do if they can't help me?" I ranted trying to keep all the hysterics out. I've been wondering for the past month why I wasn't able to do magic. School before was all theory so I didn't have to worry but now that I actually had to do it - nothing happened.

"You will be able to do it. You're a late bloomer is all." She comforted me and rubbed my back. "I know you are feeling crappy now but I found a new guy." I smile to myself. How long was that? An hour? She could bounce back fast.



"Hey Sawyer!" Someone echoed my name down the hall. I looked round only to find a child's worse nightmare on the other end of the noise. Jamie Kent. The worst girl in the history of evil bitches. Her fake blond hair and push up bra were no match for any girl who stood up against her. Except me but that just made her pick on me more. "Heard you flunked another skill. What's that now? Twenty?" She laughed her shrill laugh as one of her cloned high fived her.

"Hey Jam." I yelled back as her face turned sour once more. "I think you need some more Botox because you seem to be able to blink." I smiled at her scowl. She muttered something to her clones and walked off down the hallway. "Oh yes." I said slapping Lauren's hand.

"Oh yes. Oh yes. Don't try and mess with the best." She danced down the hall in front of me. A few wolf whistles jolted her back to reality and she waited for me to catch her up. What was really weird was that I was used to that behaviour. "Why is Kent being so mean today anyway? She was on the other side of the hall."

"Period time. The only really signal that she is indeed a human female." I laughed as we walked down the hall to our dorm room. The campus was huge. Just like a regular school we had different buildings for different subjects and years. We had elemental magic, element theory, sciences, fighting combat, physical education and all the other subjects that were forced upon us. But of course we had the large building for the dorms. Separated for girls and boys. I was lucky and got to share with Lauren - my best friend since I was crawling and Lauren was bum-shuffling. Our rooms were fairly sized and we got a bathroom between the two of us with a shower. Basic but better than communal showers. We were only a few minutes away from our room when the previous holder of Lauren's affection crossed our path. We tried to look down but he saw us.

"Hey Lila! Lauren." He noted Lauren's existence at least but something told me he had his wires crossed. I mean all of his ramblings were directed at me. "Sorry I didn't get a chance to sit with you today. You know Jacobs she wouldn't let me move. Sorry about the whole no flame incident but you'll grasp it soon." He reassured me sincerely. How to let a guy down easily?

"Thanks." I said slowly and Lauren was almost on the verge of laughter in the corner of my eye. "Well better be going. Girl time in the dorms." I said quickly and began to walk off.

"Ok. Well, see you in elemental Wednesday." He called out. Giving a reluctant nod, Lauren burst into laughter fits. I whimpered a little and carried on out path to our dorms. Who isn't complete without a stalker?


"Green or Red?" Lauren asked me but it was only a faint mumble in the background. My mind was too busy thinking about my inability to be an elementalist. If I couldn't do something I had spent my whole life training what could I do. When people like us reach sixteen they chose what they plan to do for the rest of their lives. There are all the human professions that are on offer, body guards and fighters for our race, some part in helping our community like teachers and then there are people like me who chose to be an elementalist. Elementalists are trained to wield the elements for their own use. This could be used for protection but most importantly defines your nature. You become one of the elite of our kind. This all depends on your final grade and mine doesn't look so good. "Lila! Green or Red?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the green and red top Lauren placed next to each other.

"What's the occasion?" I walked up to her large wardrobe full of about half of her clothes and rummaged around, squeaking the coat hangers as I flicked through them.

"Date with Ben." She said with a hint of excitement in her voice. I grabbed a pair of jeans out of her cupboard and shoved them into her full hands.

"Green with the jeans. Who is Ben?" I asked. What a stupid question it would be a Bob tomorrow.

"Ben James from theory." She pulled the top over the top of her head and looked at herself in the wall length mirror. Having such a fashion orientated roommate meant a lot of mirrors which were handy. I nodded at her sentence and moved over to my wardrobe that was half the size of Lauren's.

"What to wear for ... nothing." I said fake enthusiastically. I looked through my piles of clothing and brought out a pair of black jeans and a grey t-shirt with random words sprayed all across it.

"You need to date." Lauren told me as I slipped on my clothes. Even if I were to just wander around the campus I had to wear something different. It was like a rule me and Lauren had o live by. We had lots of random and useless rules that we had made through the years. We put them all into a large scrapbook that was somewhere in Lauren's underwear drawer.

"Lore. Give it up. I don't need a guy to complete me." I was about to dive into a huge discussion about testosterone was not needed for me to have a happy life but was interrupted by our dorm phone. The only people who phoned us on it were the school so whenever it rung we took turns in answering. It was always awkward especially when we were drunk and didn't want them to know. "Your turn." I smiled. Lauren scowled and picked up the phone.

"Hello. Yes, hold on. For you." She smiled as she held out the phone. What trouble was I in now?

"Hello?" I asked as a voice on the other end mumbled to me. She told me that I needed to be in Ms. Jacobs's class now. I muttered thank you and put the phone down. "I have to go and get in trouble." I grunted.

"Have fun." Lauren yelled to me as I slammed our door shut behind me. It was only a few seconds later that I knocked on our door once more. She stood in the door and held out my keys. I always forgot them. I nodded and laughed and began my storming walk back to class.



"Ah Miss Sawyer you took your time." Jacobs said as I walked into the classroom. She sat at her desk waiting for me to arrive. I looked at the clock in her classroom which indicated it was only about five minutes later than I left. I gave her a confused look and descended the steps into the main classroom area.

"Sorry, I think." I muttered and took a seat at the front of the class. "So Ms. J what can I do for you?" I smiled and she smiled back at my attempt to ask if I was in trouble. She stood up and walked over to me.

"I found you a tutor that might be able to help you out." I sighed at her sentence. Yes I wanted to be able to light candles without matches but I didn't want extra classes. I guess I have to deal with it. "Don't look so down, you won't have to study much extra - only a couple of hours a week." I winced at the word hours.

"Ok then. Bring it on. When do I start?" I asked reluctantly but tried my hardest not to let it leak into the tone of my voice. She lifted her eyebrows in suspicion but my good-girl smile didn't get past anyone.

"Tomorrow. After your lessons. Four sharp." She said returning to her desk. I stood up.

"Here? Are you my tutor?" I said in a bit of shock but hope that I would have to put up with her for more time than I needed. She shook her head and tuted at me.

"Liliana Sawyer you are quite a character aren't you." I scowled at my full name. "Yes here and no I won't be your tutor. Just be here." Relief washed my face and my pulse returned to normal. I nodded and walked out of the classroom. I wondered who my tutor would be but tried not to think about it too much because I kept imaging Janitor Grey. That would not happen.


The End

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