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I woke up before Kaleb, he was still squished against me and I couldn’t help but breathe in his scent, the night had been fairly hot and he was mildly sweaty but I didn’t care. And that made me thirsty, I hadn’t had any since the night of the Fundraiser thirty-six hours before and my body started aching for more.

I left bed and took a freezing cold shower until the thirst calmed down. Since it was sunday, I had the day to myself. Coil usually let me roam free on sundays. I went back to my room to get something other than panties to wear, I sat down on the bed next to him and gently pulled the blanket, kissing his neck. I also got another chance to examine his body further, considering his lifestyle Kaleb was fairly in shape, not muscled but still athletic. His pale skin was covered in even paler marks, scars from fights he’d gotten into and those he self inflicted.

“Wakey wakey.” I whispered in his ear.

“Is it morning already? Tell it to go away...” He mumbled, hiding his face under the pillow. He grunted for a moment.

“Come on. We have stuff to do.” I said, lifting the pillow out of his face.

“You’re a slave driver Lauren… How late is it?”

“About seven thirty.” I said, looking at the alarm.

“You monster.”

“Come on, I’ll make you something to eat while you shower.”

He rose up slowly and sat. His hair wasn’t the kind of good bed hair, but rather a complete mess. He pulled me closer and kissed me, morning breath or not. “Want to join me in the shower?” He asked playfully.

“No thanks… I already took one.” I was bright red and I felt like heart was about to stop. He weaseled his way out of bed. He stumbled through the door and toward the bathroom and I was left all flustered. Kaleb and I hadn’t done anything, unless cuddling in bed wearing nothing but undies counted as something… The thought of it was both exciting and terribly scary…

I got dressed trying not to think about Kaleb and I. How long was it normal to wait before having sex? Was I even ready for it? Kaleb had always been cool with me being transgender, but would he be okay with having sex with someone with a penis? Minus his unavowed crush on his boss, he identified as straight…

Instead of thinking more about it, I went to the kitchen and started cooking, nothing fancy, just a pair of egg sandwich with the leftover bacon, which was still more than I usually made for breakfast, I was more a toast and whatever on it kind of gal if someone wasn’t cooking for me.

Eventually Kaleb left the bathroom and went to dress up. He hadn’t quite gotten settled, still leaving his clothes in a small duffel bag by the window. He came out in a tank top and leather pants, a dog collar around his neck, which I thought looked kind of hot.

“You’re looking great.” He said approaching me.

“So do you.” I answered, giving him a kiss and placing the sandwich plate in his hand.

“Smells good. He leaned against the counter and placed his plate down for a moment. “Look, I want to apologize, it’s clear I just made you really uncomfortable by ask you to...  You know.”

“It’s okay.” I sheepishly answered. “I just wasn’t expecting it…”

“To be honest. I’m kind of new at the whole relationship thing, everything I’ve ever had were short sexual flings that didn’t last more than a few days. It’s kind of the norm when you’re on the street.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Does any of it have something to do with Natalie?”

“Nat? No. I don’t think she’s into boys… If she’s into anyone at all. Liam’s the only person she’s really nice to.” He said with a shrug. “You’re not jealous of her or anything, right?”

“What? No, I don’t care if you others before I just needed to know if there was or ever had been something between you.”

“And why did you need to know?”

“Because I’ve decided it’s time to join the darksiders for good. No more putting it off.” I declared. “If I’m going to do any of the stuff I need to do, I’ll need friends, and I hope they’ll accept me. But first I need to prepare a few things.”


I’d been a week since I had last stepped into the maze that was darkside. It was a good thing Kaleb knew where to go because I didn’t. No maps existed and the city didn’t acknowledge the existence of the place in any official manner, keeping access only for maintenance crew needing to access or survey the underground infrastructure.

The tunnels were fairly wet, the air damp and a rather unpleasant smell filling darkside. We walked with a strong pace, with me carrying a duffel bag and the Bogeyman plush in hands.

We took a different route a shorter one than the one we’d taken before The last time I’d been down there, Kaleb had been trying to get me to my house and had switched halfway to the Darksiders’ basecamp. Finding the subway station from the boardwalk’s entry wasn’t too long, even if somewhat cryptic. I couldn’t yet read the Darksiders’ code and so I was clueless as to what every mark and symbol on every corner meant.

We arrived at the station and I saw the ramp that had been built from the subway’s rails and onto the loading ramp. Luckily for us, the others were in the base, eating a breakfast from warmed up cans, well except Liam who was stretched lazily on a pile of blankets, looking as content as a wolf-reptile hybrid thing could look. He rose his head in our direction and called out with a smooth little ‘Rrrrou?’ sound, alerting the others.

“You two love birds remembered where we live?” Natalie said, amazingly not inserting her favorite word into that sentence. She was back to wearing her Queen Bitch shirt like the first time I’d seen her. Kaleb had apparently notified her that we were seeing each others, which simplified things.

“I finally have an answer for you.” I said.

“Oh yeah?” QB said.

“What have you decided?” Lance asked

“I don’t just want to join you, I want to send you gunning straight to the top of the city’s hierarchy.” I declared before opening the duffel and dropping it at their feet. “There’s forty thousand in there, split it four ways, call it a thank for inviting me gift.”

“Where did you get that? Stole it?”

“Oh no, it’s entirely clean cash. There something you need to know about me.” I was nervous and my whole body was tense. And so thirsty… “I work for Coil.”

“And you want us to work for him? Fuck that noise.” Natalie said.

“No, not quite. Coil and I have a contract of our own, in several years I will replace him in the city’s political machine. But to do that, I need more than strength or resources, I need authority, I need to make a name for myself. And to do that, I’ll take the darksiders to the top, turn a third rate inhuman gang into the city’s most feared organization. To do that, I need your help.”

“And how do you propose we do that?” Lance asked.

“Step one: The Gibbous, Lisa’s pack. I say it’s payback time for hurting us and for trespassing into these tunnels. I say we destroy them.”

The End

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