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I wasn’t quite sure what Emma had found so great about the idea of coming to the fundraiser. The music was boring, the guests were mostly middle aged rich men and there was nobody my age or close to it around. The food was delicious though, which was why after the initial introduction to the various factions, I’d just resorted to raiding the buffet.

“I didn’t know they invited trannies to the party.” I recognized the voice, my own personal tormentor, Emma. I turned around and looked at her. She dressed up for the occasion, her hair nicely done, her makeup impeccable and wearing fitting a teal cocktail dress.

“Hello Emma.” I said, “Enjoying the party?”

“Maybe I should tell people you snuck in here. Because there’s no way you got in legit.” She spoke with all the bitchiness I’d come to expect. Truly she was the rightful owner of Natalie’s queen bitch shirt.

“Go ahead, I work for Sebastian Coil.” I said with a shrug, munching on another coconut shrimp skewer.

“Oh please, what could he want with someone like you, John.” She said, once again using that stupid fucking name. I didn’t let it get to me. She took a moment and then looked as if the greatest revelation in history had just hit her. “Or maybe he just likes to get frisky with underage shemales.”

“Would you like to repeat that sentence in front of a jury of your peers?” Coil said, stepping closer. He’d been in the middle of the room mindling a moment ago. “You are currently accusing me of not one but two crimes; statutory rape as well as sexual harassment on an employee. This is an act of slander and is punishable by law.”

“Mr. Coil!” Emma seized, becoming rigid in the front of someone calling her out. “I’m sorry I--”

“It is not to me but to Lauren you should apologize. If you do and stop acting like a spoiled children, I will not have you removed by security. If you insist on persisting this type of behavior, I will recommend not struggling.”

She spat out the most insincere apology she could possibly do and stormed off in the opposite direction, joining up with a jock-looking guy.

“Thanks, Mr. Coil.” I said, embarrassed by what had just happened.

“Is she always like this?”

“Pretty much…”

“Would you like to press charges? However how flimsy evidence may be, I have many judges in my pocket. Those that aren’t are just an eye contact away from agreeing with my position, the same goes for juries.” He spoke lowly, as he was admitting to a crime, but nobody was around to hear.

“I can handle it.”

“If you say so. My offer remains open.”

The party went on for a while, with me hopelessly bored.

“Ehm. Hi.” A boy said approaching me. He was kind of short, with almost shaved blonde hair, he wore a suit that he seemed to find uncomfortable.

“Hi?” I answered half-heartedly.

“Sorry, I thought you looked bored, I thought I’d say hi… if you don’t want me to, I’ll go.” He said, seeming so nervous.

“It’s alright. I’m Lauren.”

“Joseph… Joseph Quinn.”

He wasn’t very good at the whole talking to people thing.

“Wait.. Quinn as in Emma Quinn?”

“Yeah, she’s the baby sister. You know her?”

“She’s been bullying me forever.” I said it outright.

“Yeah she can be pretty horrible a person.”

“I’d noticed.” I flatly answered.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to annoy you.”

I chewed on some Artichoke filled mushrooms to calm myself down. He wasn’t trying to bug me. At least that’s what I thought he wasn’t trying to do.

“Can I ask you a kind of indiscreet question?” He asked.


“You don’t have to answer… Is it true you eh, well, transgender?”

I rolled my eyes. Of course that’s what he wanted to know. Huzzah…

“I am. So what?”

“Nothing… I… I shouldn’t have asked.” He said before practically running away.

“Weirdo…” I muttered.

My head was starting to hurt, a combination of too much people, bad music and too much stupidity in too short a time. I left the Ballroom, going toward the den I knew was just a few doors down. It was dark and I didn’t bother to turn up the light. I sat down on the sofa and relaxed.

“Oh did my brother hurt you?” Emma came in, trying to sound as concerned as she could.  “Poor little thing.” She came closer. “You made me look bad in front of everyone earlier and I--”

She hadn’t finish her sentence before I’d gotten up and held her by the throat, I lifted all ninety pounds of her off the ground. She started making choking sounds and after a few seconds, I dropped her harshly on the ground with a loud thump, not enough to hurt her, but it had been probably painful.

“You bitch…” She coughed. “I’ll sue you, I’ll sue your ass into oblivion for assaulting me.”

“You know what your problem is Emma?” I said, lowering myself. “You confuse your father’s semi-importance and the presence of your friends for strength. You’re weak, and that makes you angry, so you try to pick on someone easy; What’s easier than that queer sick goth girl without anyone to stand up for her?

Well news flash; I’m not weak, I’m stronger than you. Everything that happened is because I allowed it to happen. Because you are below me, not worth the effort to destroy, to put down like the tiny rabid dog you are that thinks itself the alpha. So go ahead sue me, in fact I’ll proudly tell the court what I’ve done for you, maybe I’ll break a few bones to make my case clearer. But in the end, no jury will convict me. You know why? Because unlike you, I have actual power. I’m not just trying to convince myself that deep down I’m not a hollow, shallow piece of shit with pretension of greatness. I hate you, I truly do, but not as much as you hate yourself and your life.

So go home and think about this; the only reason I decided not to break you is because you’re too pathetic for me to bother. But maybe one day I’ll hate you just enough to bother trying, that day you’ll curse yourself.” She was terrified, it took me a moment to realize how psychopathic I must have seemed.

I went toward the window and she left without a word. I just gazed absently outside. This evening was boring…

And then I saw something moving in the bushes far away, a silhouette. I went to the nearest cabinet and unlocked it. It was always the same code with Coil 1916, probably a year but I didn’t know what it meant. Coil kept weapons in every room, you just had to know where to look. There was a blade, a pistol and a taser. I took the last one and opened the window, jumping out.

This was something security should have handled, but I yearned for something to happen. I crawled down and stood waiting. After a moment, I saw more movement, going laterally and heading to the building. I rushed in pursuit. I didn’t know who it was; inhuman or just an uninvited guest, my sense required more than a silhouette it seemed, but I didn’t care. I moved to the edge of the tree line and waited. The intruder’s footsteps I could hear loudly despite the sound of the party leaking out and the night’s natural sound. I counted three mississippi before the person passed me by. I took the opportunity and lept, tackling it and setting it to the ground, taser at the throat.

“Why are you--” I began saying but I stopped once I recognized the smell... The same smell I’d taken in earlier in front of a Tim Burton movie...

“Kaleb? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you and didn’t have an invitation…” He seemed embarrassed a bit.

I slapped my forehead and covered my face with my hand. “You could have just asked to come in.”

“When you put it like that…” He said.

“You big dummy.” I kissed him on the nose and got off him.

“You know, I was worried you were a car when you tackled me. You’re stronger than you look.”

“Serves you right.” I said sticking my tongue. “How did you get in?”

“The guard was talking on his phone.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t know, bit of a spanish accent, latino guy. Was talking to his daughter”

“Hector really needs to be a lesser father if he wants to keep his job...” I sighed.

“Alright, let’s get you cleaned up. You have got to try the food.”

The End

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