Hunted 5.6Mature

We're so fucked.

The melody continued, circling the cabin, then a window broke in the bedroom. I rushed there and saw it climbing through.

Where the thing in the woods was a monster through and through, the new bogeyman was it’s polar opposite. It was just a little girl in a white ragged dress who didn’t look like it could have been older than five. Her damp hair stuck to her face which gave her a very Ring-like appearance. In one hand she held a blood stained bunny plush while the other held a kitchen knife. it looked innocent but also fiendish at the same time.

She saw me and kept on singing as she slowly marched toward me, the knife raised up in the air.

I froze. It wasn’t human, I knew it, but I didn’t want to hurt a child… It attacked, much faster than it had moved a second ago. I dodged the knife at the last second, the tip of her weapon slicing into my right arm and the muscle of which gave out. My weapon dropping to the floor. I tripped and fell down, out of reach of my main weapon. Kaleb was too far to help even if he’d paid attention. I was alone.

I frenetically searched for something to use, then my hand rested on my hoodie’s pocket. The flare gun. I took it out and aimed it off handed at the child-thing and fired. It wasn’t much further than arm’s length, the flare hits it and it quickly combusted it started screaming in pain in a much too human manner, flailing around. Unlike the other, it wasn’t as invulnerable, or maybe without a terrified victim, it was much weaker.

My weapon was still on the others side of the thing and if I tried to go past, chances it would seek retribution. There wasn’t much we could do, Kaleb’s power hadn’t seemed to work against these things or he’d have used it already… We needed reinforcement.

That gave me an idea.

“Kaleb, I need your razor.”

He didn’t hesitate, I took the plastic case out of his pocket and lobbed it at me. I caught it offhanded and took it to my right upper arm. I made a few slits, until a small quantity of blood poured out then dropped the razors to dip me good hand in it.

I called my sixth sense back, the specters had grown active, moving frenetically.

“Come,” I whispered, “let me feed you.”

There was a reason vampires drink blood, it carries essence within, that stuff that animates us, vampires however were the only being capable of stealing it. Other beings had to win it by fighting or hunting living beings or had it offered to them voluntarily. That’s what I did, the ghost felt the offering and centered around me, they absorbed the liquid into their being, gaining more colors.

As it happened, I made contact. I knew them, they weren’t just annonymous ghosts anymore, they were George and Mary-Elise Frohlich and Anthony Jules. Their lives flowed into my mind in the space between seconds; George had never loved Mary, he’d married her due to family pressure, in fact he’d never loved any woman... Anthony had been the one he loved, they’d kept their affair going on for months until George's wife had followed him to the cabin, surprising him in bed. Three bullets later the three of them were dead, murder suicide…

I went back to reality. Only a second had passed in real time, but the contact had stretched my perception of it, in the space between seconds I’d witness and felt the last hours of the trio. I felt different, like a there was a part of me outside my body I could now feel or rather three of them. My supernatural senses had snapped shut in reflex, but the ghosts were still visible, physical even.

“Sic her.” I said, pointing the the boogie girl still ablaze.

The ghosts obeyed, their hands stretching into long claws. They started wailing at her with claws and fangs. They felt a macabre sort of enjoyment, like they’d been given an outlet for the angst that had kept them fettered to this world. I could feel what they felt, the offering had bonded us in a way. I wasn't sure this was a good thing.

There was nothing that prevented dhampirs from becoming magicians, although Demons would not deal with vampires, shifters or their half breeds. That much I knew. The same wasn’t true for ghosts.

At the first opportunity, I went to where the axe had fallen of. I grabbed it in my left hand. I was bleeding pretty badly at my right, the knife had cut deeply and it had opened quite a few veins but no artery. Combined with the barely healed chest wound and the newly made cut, it wasn’t a pretty pictures.

I knew a person could lose around fifteen percent of their blood before they began experiencing severe symptoms of blood loss. After which blood pressure could not be maintained, heart and respiration rate went through the roof to compensate, skin would turn livid as blood is prioritize to organs. Third stage was at thirty percent of the blood lost, that’s when things got bad and hospitalization was mandatory Fourth stage was the last one, forty percent and higher, you didn’t walk that one off, especially not with my luck…

I didn’t know how far I was, But I needed to hurry. Out of my backpack, I took out the medkit, taking the gauze and wrapping it around the cut and then used tourniquet to tie my upper arm, restrict the blow flow. It wasn’t the best thing to do, but it’d buy me time. Elixir might have been a miracle cure, it wasn’t a band aid, you had to make sure it wouldn’t leak out of the wound as it mended the flesh.

The ghosts had the boogie girl well in hand so I focused my attention back on the other monster. It was struggling to rip the door clean of it’s hinges, ramming into it again and again every three seconds. The boys were braced against it to prevent just that from happening. I took a moment to think, it’s hide was as rigid as a turtle’s carapace, but it had to have weak points. The eye had been an easy one to think of… It wouldn’t fall for it again, I needed somewhere soft… Then I had an idea.

“On my mark, step clear of the door.” I commanded.

“Are you crazy?” Kaleb asked, out of breath.

“Do it.” Simon said, the trust in his tone clear.

The monster hit the door. “Now.” They moved aside and so did I, I moved to the inner wall and waited.

One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi…

The monster crashed again, but instead of the resistance it was expecting, it flew cleanly inside, losing it’s balance. It crashed a few yards inside, not too far from me. I swung the axe down, aiming at the inside of it’s closest’ arm join. It sunk in and cut down until the arm was left hanging and I rejoiced. It needed something soft to be able to move, if it’s whole body had been rigid and stone-like as it’s hide, it wouldn’t have been able to move. The joints were still protected by heavy leathery hide, but I was strong enough to get through.

It fell of balance even more as the arm it had rested a majority of it’s weight on became unusable and I kicked it in the face. That didn’t do much but anger it. It started crawling toward me, going crazy, probably thinking of how it would mutilate me.

“Mary-Elise!” I yelled. Like a puppy called by it’s master she rushed to me, interposing herself between the bogeyman and myself, it claws at her and his attack hit something solid, ripping parts of her out. She didn’t let it phase her, the red streak inside of her grew, gaining power. She was tainted by hate and it made her stronger. She hadn’t needed direction to swipe at the nearest joint of the claw that held her ghostly form, digging her own into it. The monster screeched, let her go and then started running away from us. it clumsily passed the cabin door and run into the night, we were too exhausted to chase it away.

The girl was all that remained. It was standing against the corner, badly mangled and standing naked, her clothes and hair having been burned to ashes. I focused back toward her, feeling a little dizzy.

“I am so fucking tired. I’ll give you two choice.” I said raising my weapon. “Option one: my friends and I rip you to shreds, or two: you agree to be bound. Don’t make me wait or I’ll chose for you.”

In answer, it turned into a black bunny plush, filled with red stitches and empty white eyes that stared forward. I stumbled in place, Kaleb and Simon catching me. The ghosts stayed in place, watching us.

“You’re a scary bitch, you know that?” Kaleb said. “I didn’t know you could do that…”

“I just improvised.” I said. “I think I’m going to pass out. Or puke. Or both.”

Simon took the bunny with his spare hand and we walked out of the Cabin. Fresh air helped a bit but not much, they set me down on the stone step that raised the cabin a floor above the forest floor.

Then the others arrived. Way too fucking late.

“Where is it?” Natalie asked, at the ready.

“It fled.” Simon answered.

“You let it leave?” She snarled.

“We did not see the point in continuing the attack. The other bogeyman has been dealt with and the one who escaped should nest elsewhere. Therefore I consider your repayment of your dept toward my family as having been fulfilled thanks to the effort of this young lady.”

Queen Bitch stared at me in disbelief. I’d taken down not one, but two bogeymen, truth be told I wouldn’t have done with without the boys helping, but I’d accomplished the heavy lifting. Still it bothered me that the Thing in the woods had gone away, it would be able to prey on people again and the Abendroth weren’t concerned about it…

“What now?”

“We go home.” I said.

The End

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