Hounded 4.3Mature

Everything was chaos. Fights aren’t like you see on Television, they’re not well choreographed affairs and they rarely last more than a moment. The shifters were scattered, their apparent leader being mauled by a creature suspiciously similar to herself, some of them were on fire.

I hurled…

I was dazed, the rush of vampiric blood wasn’t enough to keep me down to earth, instead the battle dissolved into a haze;

The sulphurous smell of burning fur.

The horrifying shrieks and low moan of pains.

The acidic aftertaste in my mouth.

The frenetic pumping of my own heart.

The burning sensation of torn flesh.

The warmth of blood leaking out of my wounds.

The feel of blood dripping from my fingers

A ravenous alien hunger stirring.

Connections between events and feelings dissolved, something hit me, but I barely felt it, I didn’t even think, I punched and punched and punched… It went limp and I saw the liquid soaking my hands, it smelled… different…

I tasted it.

It was good.

It had been like finding that thing I’d always sought but never could quite get.

I heard a crushing in my ears and my eyes burned before going back to focus. I’d licked my hands mostly clean, but the stains of two types of blood remained; a pale red one and a nearly black one. I knew the latter was mine, it tasted and smelled foul, the other smelled like nirvana in liquid form…

I snapped out of it. The fight was still going on. I more or less stumbled back up and went toward Kaleb who was in pretty bad shape. There was a lot of blood, and it made me hunger, his only saving grace was that the wolves had elected for a slow kill rather than simply going for the throat.

I couldn’t help but remember that thing he’d just done. Covering that Shifter’s mouth and nose with her own skin. I finally knew what he was. An Adept, it wasn’t my favorite option; people whose powers was born from self-destructive obsessions weren’t quite the picture of mental health...

But I didn’t care. He was bleeding and he was the closest thing I had for a friend. Beside, who was I to judge? I’d tried to assassinate someone out of frustration at my impotence and I’d been concealing the truth about myself from everyone. I didn’t have any high ground to judge him or anyone over.

“Kaleb, I’m here.” I said. “Fuck…” He wasn’t conscious and I didn’t have any kind of first aid training I was at a loss as to what to do and I was afraid that if I did anything, I’d only worsen his condition.

Think Lauren. There has to be something you can do… What has Coil told you?

At the time I really wished I’d had the healing salve Coil had used, it had healed my leg in a day and hadn’t even left a scar. But I didn’t have it. I had to think of something.

Vampire blood. I remembered. It can heal people… or turn them into vampires if their wounds are too serious…

I didn’t have vampire blood, but I was partly one. I had no idea if Dhampir blood could do the same thing, seeing as I lacked most of the cool vampiric powers, but I had to try something, anything.

With one of my nails, I raked my wrist’s skin, my chest wound having coagulated rather quickly, one of the part of the vampire baggage that I had received. Tearing is much worse in term of pain than simply slicing, but I didn’t care. Once I started bleeding, I angled it so it would drop into his mouth, hoping he’d have the reflex to swallow.

It worked I presumed as he seemed to cough up, which I wasn’t sure was a step up from his swallow wheezing breathing.

I started crying, I didn’t want to be a dhampir or be involved in this whole mess, I just wanted to be back home.... Unlike what happened bad fanfiction, didn’t have any other effect than blurring my vision even more. There was still some fighting left, but it was dying out, it seemed the woman who had arrived and whatever pet she’d sent had tipped the balance in our favor.

Someone put a hand on me, I turned around and wiped my eyes. It was a young black guy, about my age, he was dressed neatly although some blood had soaked his outfit.

“The Cavalry’s here.” He declared. “Lights out.”

The flame from the fires died out and the only light left was my glowstick, that I’d dropped on the opposite side of the tracks. It gave place a surreal feel but for only an instant as everything became pitch black. When the darkness cleared we were elsewhere.

It was an open area, circular and large, It didn’t take much to figure out it was one of the subway stations underneath the city. I was laying on the cold tile floor, Kaleb was next to me, still unconscious.

There were three other figures around us. The first was the Black guy, the second was a tall young woman combat boots, camouflage pants and a tanktop with the words ‘Queen Bitch’. Her head was shaved into a buzzcut and her lips pierced.

The third was something else… Something entirely inhuman; One could have been forgiven for thinking it was a shifter at first glance, but it was too far from even Lisa’s monster form; It seemed vaguely canine at first, but the shape of its snout was wrong, it’s eyes were a completely dull yellow with a thin black vertical slit. It opened it mouth and it’s forked tongue danced through the air, almost reaching my face. it’s body was covered in a mix of scales and fur.

“Who the fucking hell is that.” Queen Bitch asked.

“She was with Kaleb, I saw her at Alessa’s.” The Black boy answered.

“The fuck were they doing down here?” She asked.

As they argued, the creature stared me down, then took a sniff, producing the same wincing reaction as Lisa had. He snarled and nudged QB.

“What is it Liam?” She asked.

He let out a short growl and raised his arms, they weren’t animal paws, instead they were ape-like arms, oversized but with humanoid digits, he started making signs to her, and not the simple signs a toddler could make, but he was speaking in some sort of language. I knew it wasn’t just an animal, it was smart.

“Fuck me, Lance.” She said.

“What is it, Natalie?”

“Our little guest is a vampire.”

I tried get up so I could speak up, but Liam came to an inch of my face snarling and baring fangs. Instead I fell down to my back.

“I’m not a vampire!” I said, raising my hands in surrender. She sneered at me. “I’m a dhampir…” I finished, much less confident.

“Nat, we need to focus on Kaleb. We can deal with the dhampir later”

“Don’t we have some fucking elixir left?” She asked.

“No, we’re out.”

“Fuck and Kaleb’s the fucking healer. We need to get some fucking more.”

“The Abendroth are going to want compensation.”

“I don’t fucking care.” She answered.

As they argued, Fucking Natalie, showing her absolute love for that word, Liam kept staring at me, there was something odd about it.

“Liam, you guard her. If she tries to run, take her fucking legs.” QB declared. “Keep Kaleb safe too.”

The creature went to Kaleb’s side and started licking his wounds, gently. In that moment, it didn’t seem so monstrous, instead it seemed diligent, almost caring…

They flipped the light and everything went dark, leaving only a small lamp on the far side of the room as illumination. I was slowly figuring them out; Lance had some power to move with shadows, Fucking Natalie must have been the one tossing around the hellfire earlier and Liam was well, a huge monster.

We were left alone like this for an eternity, with Liam continuing its treatment on Kaleb who wasn’t improving visibly. I couldn’t tell how long it took, but it was a soul crushing wait, knowing Kaleb could just die and knowing that once they’d get back, he would know what I was...

Eventually they came back, they had a bottle with a familiar silvery liquid, it was barely enough for one person. Lance started the treatment and then Queen Bitch came my way. She hit me. In the face.

“It’s your fucking fault! You’re going to fix this or I’ll break your fucking face.” She yelled at me, she was furious… And more than a little crazy.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“You’ll help us pay the Abendroth back.”

The End

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