Alienated 1.5Mature

It must have took about two hours until something happened. Lucky for me, I’d found a spot near the corner of the room where I could hide from the door. With my hearing, I could pick up the drumming of feet hitting the floor. By the sound of it two people were coming my way. A sliver of light passed underneath the double doors. I could hear the muffled conversation but not well enough to understand anything but the isolated word.

They opened the door and a cone of light illuminated most of the room, leaving only my corner to be shrouded in the penumbra.

“-scheduled for Eight.” One of the men said, letting me understand his voice as the door opened.

“Excellent, Mr. Ferguson. Anything else?”

“Angie from the Circle has been leaving messages all evening. I would suggest calling her as soon as possible, Mr. Coil.”

The man in question nodded. “Alright. Thank you, you can take the rest of the evening off.”

The other man left, the sound of his footfalls echoing in the empty hallway, coming through the open doors. Coil closed the doors behind him, walking slowly to his desk, still in the dark. He flipped the switch on the small table lamp.

“You may come out of hiding now. Your breathing give you away.”

Busted… I froze. He slowly walked around the desk, flipping the thin laptop open. I ventured forward a few feet and his gaze slowly rose to meet mine.

Coil wasn’t exactly what you’d call intimidating. He was averagely tall, cleanly dressed and shaved, appearing to be somewhere in his mid thirties, with a slightly big and arched nose, short curly brown hair. There was nothing about him that screamed inhuman monster, but at the same time something about him was absolutely terrifying, his unrelenting gaze, the weight of time that dwelled beyond his eyes, his complete nonchalance at finding an armed intruder in his office.

I squeezed the stake in my hand.

“I’m here to kill you.” I declared, my voice shaking. My body along with it.

“Of course you are.” There wasn’t any emotion in his tone except the slight hint of annoyance, maybe even amusement... No terror or anger, just the same reaction as being mildly inconvenienced.

I was breathing heavily and felt like I was about to panic. So I threw the stake. Instead of limply being thrown, circling through the air like it usually happen when throwing unbalanced objections, it flew trait, point first at Coil. Even I was amazed at how easily I’d done it.

I didn’t waste time, searching for something else. I took out the holy water bottle and readied it. Coil on his side easily caught my projectile out of the air in a swift, fluid motion before dropping it to the ground.

“I hope you have better than that.”

I threw the water at him, making it bounce off his chest harmlessly, rolling on the floor. In hindsight, the plastic bottle had been an exceptionally poor choice of container. A glass bottle would have at least exploded and sent shards everywhere.

I grabbed a new pair of stakes, I threw the first one. I didn’t watch for his reaction, I charged him, aiming for the left side of his chest, slightly under the nipple. I closed the distance surprisingly quickly, even for myself. I saw him catch my stake and I leapt at him. However he grabbed the arm that held the weapon just as I was about to hit him. What happened next did so so quickly I lost track of what exactly happened.

I felt like I was falling, and I hit something wooden, which snapped under the strength of the impact, finally my head hurt the hard floor and I felt dizzy as I gathered my thought. I stumbled back up, somewhere along the way I’d lost my weapon, I took a moment to collect myself and saw that I laid in the ruins of Coil’s antique desk, splinters had pierced my skin but I didn’t feel a damn thing.

Coil was standing over me. His expression still as neutral as ever. In his hand, he still held one of the stake I’d thrown his way. With a movement faster than I could see, he drove it into my thigh. This one I felt. I howled in pain and felt my blood boil, every shred of my burning with that feeling more than ever. I was in pain, but I didn’t care, the blood in my veins overrode it, instead I felt pure ecstasy.

I removed the stake and swung it at Coil, who dodged it easily. He kneed me in the stomach, it hurt but the rush let me ignore it. With my other hand, I hit him with a swing giving him a fist full of silver with the four bands I’d put on there. Although it hadn’t seemed to affect him, it allowed me to back off, collect myself again. I bumped into a display and saw the pair of japanese swords displayed there. I didn’t hesitate, I took the first one, it was a smaller one, a wakizashi I later learned.

I dropped the scabbard on the ground along with the stake.

Coil still faced me. He stepped over the rubbles, moving with a slow purposeful dedication, he kept everything cool. On the other hand I was burning ever brighter. The rush was exhilarating, I’d never felt anything as strong and empowering. Why had I been afraid of it? I couldn’t remember.

I swung the sword at him in an upward slice but he dodged it by a fraction of an inch before retaliating with a flurry of blow. The first hit my chest, then my face and then my stomach, it continued for a while and the pain slowly overwrote the rush. I stumbled down and to add insult to injury, hit my shoulder on the display case. Making me let out a squeal of pain. It all came back at once: the multitude of hits, the gaping wound in my left leg. Whatever had made me feel indestructible was gone and I was in a world of hurt.

“Are you done?” He asked.

I didn’t answer, partly because I was stunned, partly out of spite and partly because all I could vocalize were complaints.

It’s at that moment that his henchmen chose to burst into the room, armed with sub-machine guns and wearing light body armor. They circled us, leveling their weapons at me, a half-dozen or so laser dot converged on my torso.

“Sir, are you alright? Who’s that?”

“I am.” Coil answered. “She’s just a wanna-be hellsing.”

“What should we do to her?”

Coil approached me, leaning down to be at my level. I hadn’t even managed to put a scratch on him. So I spat blood in his face.

“I have just the idea…” He said, wiping his face with the handkerchief in his suit.

The End

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