I walked away from the mansion and into the road. Faron quickly caught up to me as we led the way through the town.

“You really hate them, don’t you?” he asked.

“The werewolves or my old family?”

“Your family.”

“My old family. And yes, I do. They’ve made my death hell. I don’t need it, not right now.”

“What do you intend to do about them?”

“I’ve no idea,” I sighed. “I didn’t think that far ahead. What do you think?”

“It is in no way up to me what happens to them. But, if I was you, I’d think about all the good and bad things about having them around and deal with it accordingly.”

“There are no good things. There never has been. The night you fed from and turned me, I was running away. But the bad things... They’re controlling, obsessive, restricting. And that was all while I was human, now I’m being followed by my younger brothers and my ex-boyfriend.”

“Then what are you going to do about it?” he asked.

“There’s three options. Option A, I run away from here. Option B, I change their memories. Option C, I kill them.”

“You know the only one you’d actually think about is B.” He paused for a moment. “There is another option.”

I looked at him, confused. He didn’t look at me but I quickly understood what he meant.

“No. My parents wouldn’t take to that very well at all.”

“Then what about your brothers?”

“I couldn’t leave my parents childless, no matter how controlling they are, have been and will be.”

“Then I think B is the one to go with. The mind wipe.”

“But I don’t have that ability.”

“I do,” he said. “I could do it for you.”

“Would you?”

“Of course I would.”

“Thank you, Faron.”

He stopped and turned to face the others. We were in the market square. Four roads led away from the square.

“Okay, everyone. We’ll split up in two groups of nine and two of ten. Good luck,” he said.

He walked away with his group of ten. The other groups left, leaving nine of us behind. Phoenix, Matt, Bladen, Cordelia, Niamh, Raven, Spike, Celeste and I headed off down the remaining road.

I pulled the gun out of my shorts and slid it into the holster against my ribs. We kept our eyes sharp, looking for any movement on the rooftops, down the alleyways, behind or in front of us. I took up the rear. Bladen and Spike were at the front.

We walked several hundred yards in silence, not seeing anything. Matt moved to walk next to me. Phoenix was at the front with Spike.

“What do you want, Matt?” I whispered.

“To set the record straight,” he murmured.


“I was listening to what Phoenix and you were talking about last night. None of what he said is true.”

“What do you mean?”

“He told you that him and Fai dated about ten years ago, correct? And that they’ve been on and off ever since?”

“That’s what he said.”

“None of that’s true. He’s always despised that bitch. I know Phoenix better than anyone, I would have known if they’d ever dated. Fai can read minds, everyone knows that. But she can also manipulate people.”


“Phoenix doesn’t remember doing anything with Fai. All he remembers is you not coming home. He remembers following your scent to their headquarters and breaking in. He remembers telling you all that but he doesn’t know why.”

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“Why would I lie? He’s hardly spoken to me. He cried himself to sleep earlier. He blames himself for you getting caught.”

“How do I know that Fai isn’t manipulatingyou?”

“She can’t; I turned her.”

“This still doesn’t change what he did.”

“But it wasn’t his fault.”

“You think I could do it? Be with him, after I’ve seen what he did to her, no matter how much I want to? It may not have been his fault, but it disgusts me anyway.”

“Okay, I understand. We never had this conversation by the way,” he said.

“What conversation?”

He smiled and we continued our patrol. I heard something from the rooftops. I looked up just as something jumped down on top of me.

The End

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