My arms were pulled high above my head. Wherever I was, it stank of Neonians. Their vile stench filled my nostrils. I opened my eyes. My vision was shrouded by a cloth. But I saw light so I kept my eyes open.

Someone pulled down the cloth and yelped. They hadn’t expected me to be awake, with my eyes open. It was a man. He looked abut twenty or so. His eyes were pale green and he wore the ring that all Neonians wore. I hissed at him.

“There, there, kitty,” mocked another man, the same one that had spoken to me in town. I hissed again.

“She’s a feisty one,” said the younger man.

“It’s not a she. It’s dead and therefore has no gender.”

He left the room and the younger werewolf looked around.

“My name’s Will,” he whispered.


He frowned. “As in ‘V-E-I-N’?”

I sighed and nodded.

“So you’re a vampire.”


“What’s that like?”

“I’ve only been fully-fledged for a few hours.”


“Your eyes go red, you lose your reflection, the sun kills you and salt and some plants become poisonous. Why am I telling all this to a werewolf?” I asked myself.

“I’m not a full werewolf,” he admitted.

“It’s your first full moon tomorrow. If I kill you, no hard feelings; I’m just following orders.”


“Every full moon, the covens go on a werewolf hunt. It’s not hard apparently; werewolves have no rational thoughts at full moon. How many are in your pack?”

“How many are in your Coven?”


“49,” said Will.

“We win. You’d have been better off becoming a vampire.”

“Says the one tied up.”

“Fair point.”

“I hear you were out alone. Why?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay. I shouldn’t be talking to you.”

“I’m not a person, I’m an it, remember?”

“That was Lobo. He’s been a werewolf since he was five. He studies the laws extensively.”

“You have laws?”

“Don’t you?”

“Only one: don’t leave victims alive.”


“Otherwise we’re screwed. People would know.”

“I guess. How often do you... You know...”


“Yeah,” said Will.

“Every night.”

Every night?”

“If we feed every night, it keeps us strong. But we can go up to a week without feeding.”

“’Feeding’ makes you sound like animals preying on a flock.”

“Technically we are. Plundering God’s flocks and taking his sheep is our job description.”

“You’re religious?” asked Will.

I shook my head. “My parents.”

“Oh, that’d be weird. A religious vampire.”

I looked up at the ropes around my wrists. “You going to let me down?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“Whether you’re going to behave,” he said with a mischievous smile.

I smiled back. “Depends what you class as behaving,” I said cheekily.

I wiped the smile off my face, not believing I was flirting with a werewolf. He reached up and untied the ropes. I fell forward slightly, into his arms. I looked up at him. His pale green eyes looked down at me. He ran his fingers through my hair absent-mindedly.

He looked down at my lips and smiled slightly. He bent down and pressed his lips on mine. His lips were warm, which felt odd; I hadn’t kissed a technically-living person in three weeks.

I realised the danger. We were spreading our scents all over each other. That would be noticed by others, but I was hurt, I needed to be held, to be kissed. My arms slipped around his neck anyway and I stood on my tiptoes. He pulled me closer to him.

I shouldn’t have done it. But I felt like we were meant to be together. He pulled back and smiled at me.

“Just realised something. If your parents are religious, why did they call you ‘Vein’?” he whispered.

I smiled. “My real name’s Vanessa. But I’m more commonly known as Vein. It’s sort of what I was christened by my Coven.”

“I momentarily forgot you were a vampire.”

“How, I’m not sure.”

Will looked over my head and his eyes widened. I felt something sharp slip into my back and I fell from Will’s slack arms, to the floor.

My legs went numb and my arms and I couldn’t feel myself, or the hard ceramic floor I was lying on. My eyes slid shut.

The End

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