I stood up cautiously but left the room with him anyway. He took me to his study. The door clicked shut behind us and I started silently panicking.

“What do you want, Faron?” I asked.

“I just want to talk.”

“You never ‘just want to talk’, not without an ulterior motive anyway. Is this about last night?”

“You said you liked me.”

“I was drunk; I didn’t know what I was saying.”

“You’re lying, Vein.”

“Okay, so I do like you. But I’m going out with Phoenix.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be together.”

“You want me to...” I swallowed before trying again. “You want me to cheat on Phoenix?”

“If that’s what it takes for us to be together.”

“No. What you’re asking is... It’s ridiculous. I won’t do it.”

“Have you ever wondered why I didn’t initiate you? Why I turned you straight away?”

I paused. “Yeah...”

“I wanted to be with you, and I didn’t want anyone else seeing you before you were mine,” he admitted.

“Then why not act before I started seeing Phoenix?”

“I tried. But I couldn’t. And when you started seeingPhoenix,” he said venomously, “I only wanted you more.”

“Faron, you’re a powerful, sexy guy. You have no idea how much I want to be with you, but Phoenix is caring, funny, kind. He’s everything I could want.”

I turned to leave. He grabbed my wrist and spun me to face him. He pulled me right up to him. Our bodies were crushed together. He whispered in my ear.

“I like your hair.”

He ran his fingers through my soft hair and kissed my cheek. He released me but didn’t move away. I didn’t move either, to my own surprise. I looked up at him.

He slowly moved to kiss me. I didn’t stop him. The kiss wasn’t forced, so it was sweet and gentle. His lips were soft and tasted faintly of blood; he must have just got back.

I caught myself and pulled away. I looked deep into his red eyes. I was torn between running from the room, and kissing him again. I sighed and placed a hand on his chest.

“That was a mistake,” I said quietly.

He didn’t say anything. I turned, opened the door and left. Faron didn’t follow me. I walked down the wooden stairs. At first glimpse I thought it was empty. Then I saw two people in the corner.

I was about to turn around and head back upstairs. Then I realised who they were. Fai was against the wall. She saw me and smiled devilishly. I raised an eyebrow which widened her smile.

I looked at the one who had Fai up against the wall. I covered my mouth to stifle a gasp. It was Phoenix, with his hands all over her. He had his mouth over a cut on her chest and his eyes were closed. She giggled and held his head gently to her.

I slowly backed up, as silently as I could so he didn’t hear me. I sprinted up the stairs and ran to my room. I flung the door open and jumped straight out of the open window. I ran and ran until I was at the gate. I jumped it and carried on running. I didn’t look back.

I slowed to a walk eventually, when I was in the centre of town. I dropped onto a wooden bench and let the tears out. He’d been bothered by me dying my hair, then he went off with Fai. Was that why? If not, how long had it been going on for?

Tears streamed down my cheeks. I only vaguely noticed the row of African violets set in flower beds behind me. I shuffled forward slightly, away from the flowers; they’re poisonous to vampires. I heard slow footsteps and looked up. I knew it wouldn’t be a vampire – they’d have taken care not to make a sound – so it must have been a human.

It was a boy, about 16, 17 years old. He had a rucksack slung over one shoulder. It was bulging and looked as if it were going to explode. He kept looking behind him, like he was checking no one was following him. He jumped when he saw me. He looked around again and hurried over. He sat next to me and dropped the bag beside him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“That’s a stupid question.”

“Sorry. What’s up?”

“My boyfriend’s cheated on me with my archenemy. He told me he loved me. The bastard,” I said, ending in a whisper.

The End

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