I grabbed Tyler’s neck and dragged him out of Cordelia’s grip. I glared at him. His blue eyes were wide with fear.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed through clenched teeth.

“I...” was all he could manage.

I pushed him back gently and released his neck. He started coughing and gasping for air. I’d pushed him gently, but he still almost fell on his backside. I was still getting used to my vampire strength.

“I’ve come to rescue you,” he said, still a bit breathless.

Rescue me?” I scoffed.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” said Cordelia before vanishing into thin air.

“I don’t need rescuing,” I said to Tyler.

“I love you, baby,” he begged.

“We can’t be together anymore, Tyler.”

“But, why?”

“Because I’m dead. Accept it and move on. Get with Faith, she’s always liked you.”

“But I want you.”

My fingers curled. My nails dug into my skin, cutting in. I held my palm up, to show him the skin healing itself.

“Is that enough for you?”

He stepped forward to hug me. I jumped back and pulled out the pistol for the second time in one evening.

“OK, calm down. Put the gun away,” he said, trying and failing to hide the panic he was feeling.

The gun didn’t move. Sweat started forming on his skin. He gulped and tried not to tremble.

“Where did you get a gun, babe?”

“Don’t call me ‘babe’.”

“Where did you get a gun?”

“All those in this house carry firearms.”

“What type of pistol is it?”

“SIG P226.”



“Why do you have silver bullets?”

“Full moon.” A smirk spread across my lips. “Leave. Now.”

“I’ll be back for you.”

He ran away and I replaced the gun in its holster. I sighed and my shoulders dropped. Tyler was becoming obsessed.

“Trigger-happy tonight, Vein,” said Bladen from behind me. I spun around.

“What do you want, Bladen?”

“I hear you and Phoenix were getting it off.”

I groaned. “Does everyone know about that?”

“Pretty much.”

Shit,” I whispered.

“Who was the human?”

“Tyler Chadfield, my ex-boyfriend. I don’t know how he got in.”

Bladen sniffed deeply. “Stasis spray. Masks the scent; we wouldn’t have smelt him.”

“I could smell him faintly. That’s enough of him. I hope he drops dead; he’s obsessed.”

“Cordelia sent me out.”


“I was hoping you could tell me that.”

“I have no idea what goes through her head.”

He smiled. “Nobody does, I doubt she does either.”

“That’s probably true. How were Elektra and Narcissa?”

He shrugged. “Superficial as always.”

“You seem to expect different.”

“I do, don’t I?”

“Let’s go inside.”

“I thought you might want to train a bit more,” he said. I smiled. “Combat or supernatural?”

“What do you feel like?”

“I feel a little violence coming on.”

I laughed and swung a punch aimed at his stomach. He jumped up to dodge it and flipped over me. I predicted the move and swung an arm round. It hit him in the side of the head.

He grunted and stumbled back. I pressed forward and kicked out at his legs. He landed on his back on the grass. He rolled backwards and jumped up. He struck at me and hit my nose. My head lolled back. Just as he was about to take me down, I did a back flip and landed on my knees.

He moved forward and I rolled sideways, onto my feet. He threw out his fist. I caught it and gripped it, not letting him go. I hit him square in the face with my own fist and he crumpled to the ground. I fixed my broken nose and turned around to see a large crowd.

“That’s my girl!” shouted a slightly drunk Phoenix.

He came and pushed a glass into my hand. I took a sip. It was blood laced with vodka.

“The only person who’s ever beaten Bladen is Faron,” Raven told me.

We all poured back into mansion. Many were already drunk and had glasses in hand. Niamh clicked her fingers and the stereo started playing.

Faron came down after a while, to see what was going on. Spike insisted he stayed and shoved a glass into his hand. Faron smiled at me and raised his glass slightly. Phoenix didn’t notice, thankfully.

Bladen came through the back door. He smiled at me and waved. No ill feelings, as usual. I grinned back. Phoenix pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ear.

“Love you, babe.” I kissed his cheek and thought about how much he sounded like Tyler when he said that.

Then he passed out in my arms. I laughed and dragged him to the sofa. I lay him down and stroked his cheek. I got pulled away by Cordelia who was adamant I dance with her.

The End

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