Chapter TwoMature

The stench of rotting bodies fill the room. How am I going to die? Starvation? Thirst? Then stench? Or maybe I'd go mad and kill myself by bashing my head against the wall or something.

"Shit!" I curse when I feel a rat bite into my ankle. Maybe I'd die because of these damn rats. I kick it away and feel the wound burn and liquid flooding out of it. Sharp teeth, they have.

Suddenly, I hear a scream from outside.

"Let go of me!" I hear a high-pitched voice screech, definitely female.

"Don't struggle darling, it doesn't work." That familiar voice, I hear it in a different way now.

Then the door opens and a girl is thrown in beside me. Her clothes are dirty and there are hand marks all over her arms. She sobs beside me, the screams when she sees me and the place she is in.

"Keep yourselves company. Sweethearts." He sneers at us and slams the door shut.

The End

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