Courting DeathMature

A girl is thrown into her worst nightmare by a man she has grown to love.

I strike the match and light the candle.

"Follow me," he says, his voice like the breeze on a summer night.

No! Turn back! shouts a voice in my head. But I love him. So I follow.

The dark, damp passageways seem endless. I ask him if he is sure of the way. He says he is, but he doesn't look back. I fight claustrophobia all the way to the black, warped wood of a door. I don't see the chains, don't hear the grate of key in lock. I am blinded and deafened by trust and love. He reaches out his hand to me, pulls me inside. His face is only inches from mine. He leans closer and I close my eyes. Suddenly he is gone. My eyes fly open to see the door scraping across the ground. I throw myself at the door, but he doesn't notice. I hear the key turn. The black wood resists my nails raking across it. I scream at him, but all I hear is laughing. Not the soft, beautiful laugh I have heard a thousand times before, but a cold laugh. I turn, my eyes wide.

The scream that comes from my mouth is more petrified than can be said with words.

I am locked in a room full of corpses.

The End

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