Courteney Lawrence and the Lonely WhisperMature

A story about Courteney Lawrence who has been captured by Antonio Napolli.

The dark, silhouetted figure loomed in the doorway, staring into the eyes of his next victim. His hair was jet black and the white face mask he wore made him look like something from a horror movie. He wandered into the room and slowly approached the squealing girl, Courtney Lawrence, who was writhing, anxiously in the chair whilst being restrained by a tall, menacing man. The man's muscles were flexing as he held Courtney in place. He had tanned skin like he'd just been on holiday and piercing blue eyes, that you couldn't hold for more than a few seconds. Courteney let her long dark hair fall over her face as she struggled to free herself. The shady man with the plain, white mask had finally completed the journey from the doorway to the table she was being held on. It felt like an eternity to Courtney. She gave one last kick in a desperate attempt to free herself. The man’s hand shot out and grabbed her by the neck. She was stunned. She stopped struggling and glared into his dark, grey eyes.

He used his free hand to open the drawer of a shiny, metal cabinet behind her head. He took a long, rusty carving knife from the draw and held it to her throat.
“Where’s The Lonely whisper?” He asked in a low, gravely voice. 
“Go, fuck yourself, Antonio!” She shouted back, pushing against the knife, as if daring him to do it. Antonio Napolli drew the knife away in shock. Courteney was pleased with his response; it meant that, for now, she had the upper hand. Without thinking she whipped her arm free from the tall man and reached for Antonio’s face mask. She pulled it down to around his neck and shouted, 
“Yeah, That’s right I know all about you and your little group of martyr’s.” Antonio was stunned. He quickly replaced his mask and motioned for his associate to follow him out of the room. As they reached the door, the tall man turned and stared at her for a few seconds before closing the door, slowly, behind him. Even though Courteney was scared, she new she had to find a way out of this room.

She sat up on the edge of the table and took in her surroundings. It was dark in the room, and cold, now that Antonio and his parter had taken the gas lanterns with them. There was a strong smell of disinfectant in the air, which could mean either: Antonio like to keep everything very clean, or, she was in some sort of hospital. Courteney decided it was probably the latter. She stood up and started to feel her way around what felt like hospital gurneys. She made her way around the metal framed beds until she came to a cold, flagstone wall. She walked around the perimeter of the room for a while until she found what she was looking for; the light switch. She flipped the switch and, for a moment, the white light blinded her.

When her vision returned she was faced with a room full of dull, battered gurneys, just as she had expected. However, this didn’t seem like a hospital ward. The gurneys were crammed in to the ends of the room with only half a metre. Most of the walls were made of grey flagstones except for one which was covered in steel drawers. She looked inquisitively at the bank of drawers for a while until she realised what they were and turned away quickly. She was in a morgue. She felt sick, she had to get out but she couldn’t see how. 
“Lord, help me!” she exclaimed loudly looking toward the celing. She sat down at the edge of the closest gurney, curled up into a ball and began to sob.

The End

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