Clothes, Food, Adventure and SunshineMature

The last week has been the best week of my entire life living in the city. It was full of clothes, food, adventure and sunshine. I have a full wardrobe, squished into multiple suitcases, ready for anything that Mirrindirra could possibly throw at me. Apparently 3 suitcases is some kind of crime according to the guys, I’m sure they’ve realised by now that I am away from home for like six months so I’m obviously going to need a lot of clothes, I mean I need clothes for three different seasons. I may be a country girl but having been a model has made me appreciate clothing and that you can never have too many outfits, which is like someone talking to the guys in a foreign language.

Aunty Reagan has taken us to some of the best restaurants in Sydney, filling us to the brim each night. It was an insult to the chef to leave anything on the plate, and you couldn’t leave without having desert either. All the food was horribly expensive though, I can’t believe Aunty Reagan insisted on paying for all twelve of us as well as her and Gracey, each night we went out. The bank balance would have taken a beating for sure. I am definitely going to miss the gorgeous little chocolate café I discovered. 

The weather has been perfect, letting us do everything we wanted to. We climbed the harbour bridge at sunset which was gorgeous, we stayed overnight at the zoo, exploring it in its moonlit glory.

I’ve never felt so excited and super-charged by life. I am ready to give Mirrindirra my best shot. By four o’clock today I will be out at Mirrindirra! YAY! YAY! YAY! I’m so excited…the next seven hours are going to be torture, even with my friends travelling along with me.

The End

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