Last DaysMature

The apartment is filled to breaking point. 14 people all crammed into a penthouse city apartment is well interesting, to say the least. I’m pretty sure that Aunty Reagan is already regretting that she agreed to let the 6 boys stay with us at the apartment. She only has to put up with them for a few more days and then she’ll be kicking us all out, as we return to Mirrindirra for second semester.

I’m a little worried to be going back to Mirrindirra because I missed the whole first semester so I’ll probably be super behind in the course and I don’t know whether my body will be able to handle the heavier work.

But I will put all that aside until next week. I actually want to enjoy my last week in the city…which according to Aunty Reagan will be a very busy time. Apparently there is shopping to do as the clothes I packed last time no longer fit, and a long list of other things that must be done before I leave (I have a feeling that Aunty Reagan thinks that I’ll never return to the city).

But I don’t care what we do the last few days. I just want to enjoy my time with my friends and then hurry up and get out of the city, escaping to the country that I miss so much.

I remember my dad lifting me up onto the back of my first horse, and I loved every moment I was on her beautiful brown and white patched back. I can’t wait until I get to Mirrindirra. I’ll finally be able to ride again! I’ll be able to spend nights out underneath the stars like we used to back home, waking up to the change colours of the sky as it goes from grey to purple to pink before orange as the sun once again makes it presence known. And I’ll be able to work with the animals I had only been able to dream about working with. Mirrindirra will be paradise, my paradise.

But anyways, I’m off to kick start my farewell tour of Sydney.

The End

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