Surprise VisitMature

I’ve spent half my day waiting, just waiting for something to happen, something exciting, different, anything but so far everything has just repeated as it normally would, leaving me waiting impatiently, almost crazily.

I’m starting to give up, thinking I was so stupid to think that something different might actually happen just because of a hunch. When there’s a body, then another and another walking into my room and I just sit there pinching my arm. I needed to be sure that they were actually waling into my room and that I wasn’t dreaming, imagining up people just because I was lonely.

“Ouch!” that simple word had everyone instantly turning their heads in my direction. I stared at them for a couple of minutes trying to work out who these 11 people with my aunt are. Suddenly I realise who they are and I rush over to them, getting trapped in the middle of a huge group hug. Before me stood Parker, Ash, Lizzy, Dariela, Becka, Peter, Cody, Darcy, Lincoln, Jack and Harry, people I thought I would have forgotten about me over the past 6 months.

“Why on Earth are you all here? You should be out at Mirrindirra studying,” I told them as they released me from their hold.

“Pips, the semester ended a week ago and exams were over ages ago,” said Lizzy.

“What? No, it can’t have. You guys were only just starting exams when we started our tour for the fashion company.”

“That was almost two months ago now.”

“Have I really been in here for over a month?” I asked, turning towards Aunty Reagan.

“Yeah you have,” she said, quietly.

“Oh,” it was all I could manage to say. I knew the days ran into each other when I got last in my trance like state but it had never occurred to me that I had been in here for almost a month.

“You know considering you’ve been here for almost a month you’re still really skinny,” said Jack in his typical, blunt way.

“Jack you are such an idiot! You don’t tell her that!” said Harry, quickly apologising for his word choice.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m fine with my body image no matter how it looks and trust me compared to before I am nowhere near as skinny,” I said with a smile.

“Really? Because we heard that the reason you changed was because you couldn’t cope with everyone’s constant comments about your body anymore,” said Parker.

“Yeah really, that is why I’m here but well I’ve come to a realisation. And that is that the only opinion of me that matters is my own. Who cares what everyone else says,” I replied.

“So you meant every word of what you said of that post on Facebook?” they all asked, as though they had rehearsed it.

“Yeah and as much as I don’t mind the fact that we are talking about this, could we talk about something else, please?”

“Sure Pips,” Aunty Reagan replied, “But why don’t we get you out of here first?”

“I can leave?” I asked, as hope spreading through my body.

“Yeah you get to go home.”

“YES!” I cried, fist pumping the air.

Everyone laughed at my excitement as we made our way out of the hospital in a massive crowd.

The End

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