Anticipation and LonelinessMature

I only have a couple of more days in the hospital, I don’t know why but the doctors wouldn’t allow me to go home with Aunty Reagan so well I’m still stuck in here. I’m pretty sure it gets worse each day; everything blends in together, jumbled up to the point where you aren’t sure of when one day ends and the other starts. There’s the constant sound of shoes, tapping against the hard floor and nurses, quietly checking your charts before disappearing again, leaving me once again alone, slowly going insane as each day repeats just the same as the one before with no variation. Aunty Reagan hasn’t been to visit, disappearing on me once again. Even Gracey hasn’t blessed me with her endless gossip and questions.

What is with those two endlessly ditching me in this place?!

For the first time in days the sun is actually shining, keeping me from getting lost in my usual trance that was only broken by the squeaky wheels of the food trolley making its way down the halls.

But with the sun brightening the room, I force my body up out of bed, showering and dressing for the first time. But there was something more than just the sun that made me get up. It feels as though something might actually happen today. Something exciting and interesting, something that won’t have me treated as just another patient.

The End

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