Aunty Reagan ReturnsMature

“Aunty Reagan,” I all but scream as her tall frame enters the room.

“Hey Pips, guess what?”


“Well you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much. Well that’s because I have been making some arrangements with a certain Mrs Clint,”

“As in Mrs Clint from Mirrindirra?” I interrupt.

“Yes. Your spot is still available at Mirrindirra if you want to go back. You definitely have my okay to go this time,” she said with a smile.

“What?? My spots still there?! But that’s like a prestige college, surely they had someone on speed-dial, ready to take the first available spot.” Could I really still have a spot at Mirrindirra?

“Yes your spot is still there. Mrs Clint said that she had left your spot empty as she hadn’t seen that much passion and spirit in a young one in a long time and she figured I’d let you go back eventually.”

“YES!!!! I’m going back to Mirrindirra,” I yelled, dancing in the bed in my excitement.

Mirrindirra look out!

The End

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