Lesson LearnedMature

Oh My God!!!! I’m going insane! I’m still stuck within this hospital and it’s been over a week since I’ve talked to or seen Gracey and Aunty Reagan. It’s like the hospital is my prison and I’ve been sent here to learn that vanity will get you nowhere and that it is more important to love yourself and not care about anyone else’s opinions. I let people’s opinions affect me and look where I am now. I’m cooped up in a hospital room, on the brink of having some very serious health issues due to the pressure I put on my body because I subjected myself to the power of other people’s thoughts. This is the stand I need to make to other girls. I need to post something so that everyone will realise just how much of an affect modelling and the people in it have on someone.

I reach across to the table beside the hospital bed, picking up my phone. Already planning what I’ll write on Facebook and twitter so that people what get a nice, pretty version of what happens. They need to know the truth.

“Hi you may have noticed that I disappeared from the catwalk spotlight a couple of weeks ago. I collapsed during a show and the next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed with a drip attached to my arm, food being pumped into my body. I had been put in an induced coma because everything had become too hard to bear. I BECAME a subject to other people’s opinions, and I don’t want to another girl to go through this. YOU are stronger than anyone’s comments. The ONLY opinions of YOU that matter are your OWN! Many people gave up on me when I gave in to the diets, fitness and all the other changes. But hey maybe God had another plan in place, and this one I am determined to see this one through! So STOP changing your body because you need to impress someone, people need to love you for who you are, not who they can make you become. You are NEVER alone in your struggles, and I love everyone who reads this. Even if you aren’t skinny and don’t have the perfect body. Perfection doesn’t exist so take your flaws and embrace them. I LOVE you, always, Pippa-Rose <3”

Okay, I’m pretty sure that I have now learnt my lesson and I also think I have down what I always set out to do when I became a model. So please, please let me go home. I will never ever do this to my body just so someone else will like me.

The End

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