I'm NOT sick!!!!Mature

Argh!!!!! I HATE hospitals! I HATE the smell! And the fact they treat you like you’re incapable of doing ANYTHING! Do I really have to stay in this dreary old place for them to ensure that I eat?! Can’t I just go home? They are wasting a bed on me for no reason. Well that’s what I think but the doctors are keeping me as a prisoner because they need to make sure that my body is responding to the food properly, so that I don’t end up in here again, which is smart I must admit because I have gone from having like no food at all in my system to be encouraged to eat small but regular meals in order to get it used to food, also so I put on more weight. Although my body did reject the food for the first couple of days after I woke up from my coma, when that happened I’d find myself throwing up the majority of the food again as soon as I had eaten, which just puts you right off eating. But the nurses said that it was normal for my body to react that way because I had deprived it of so much food.

Now I just have to wait for either Gracey or Aunty Reagan to come to the hospital and I’ll be able to go back to the apartment. But I haven’t seen Aunty Reagan since the day I woke up and she had said there were things she needed to go deal with and that’s over a week ago. Gracey has come and visited a few times over the last week and a bit, but every time she came she seemed to be holding something back, and to be very cautious of the words she used. I think Gracey has a secret she’s keeping from me!-Which is weird because well we tell each other everything. I’m sure she’ll tell me eventually

The End

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