Hospital Awakening Part 2Mature

“Yes you do but before we sort out the issue of Mirrindirra later. But for now I want to know what these comments were and whether they were the only thing pressuring you into changing your body,” said Aunty Reagan, her voice demanding the truth.

“Umm well the comments were like “If Pippa-Rose was to lose a few kilos, she’d be one of the most beautiful and graceful models but as it stands her reputation is slowly sinking.” or “Keep that fat **** away from the fashion industry.” They weren’t the only thing that made me change my body either. Veronica, the backstage girl, had some ugly comments for me too, some even better reasons as to why I couldn’t show certain things. All the comments just kept building up over time and well what you see lying in front of you is the result of all the comments and remarks and reasons. I cracked and when it happened there was no turning back.”

“That is much worse than I thought it would be. I wish you had said something to me. But luckily your body put a stop to it before you got too bad, I mean you’re already a borderline anorexic. But as long as your body responds to food you’ll be allowed to go back home in a couple of days.”

“Oh ok. By the way, thanks Aunty Reagan. You’ve been a pretty amazing second mum. Mum and Dad would be proud of the way you’ve raised me I’m sure,” I said softly as she got up to leave. “I mean you took on the care of a nine year old girl when you were only like twenty-seven, who is an established fashion designer who constantly travels for work. That’s no small feat. I know you had Gracey, but I’m sure there was someone who organised her and told her what to do each day. Not many people would do it, especially not after just losing your sister and brother-in-law. And yet you looked after your little niece you’d see a couple of times a year right from the start and I’ve always admired you for that, even if I did find it frustrating at times when you would sway from your opinion about something. But nevertheless I love you Aunty Reagan,” I said with a smile.

“Oh sweetie, I love you too,” she said giving me a hug. “I’ll be back later.”

And as the door closed I found myself left alone in a boring room that stunk off antiseptic. A smell that always reminds me of sick people but I’m not sick….am I?

The End

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