Well my modelling career, although it only officially started yesterday has already spiked some controversy. Many people are agreeing with me and that girls should appreciate their bodies for what they are. But there has also been some extremely rude and negative comments written about how my body figure is a disgrace to the fashion industry and the Reagan Hayden is mad to have a girl like me model her clothes. There are some very rude, snooty people in this world. I’ve done one show, in which I managed to keep upright as I struggled down the catwalk in the ridiculously high shoes. Yet I got comments like ‘Keep that fat **** away from the fashion industry.’ or ‘Who on earth found that fat lump who would look better in a potato sack then the clothes she’s wearing. I don’t think they’ve realised that models are meant to have a perfect body of size 8 or less.’

Wow…it’s such a loving community that I’ve just subjected myself to (note the sarcasm).  I know there aren’t a lot of people who think like that but the ones who do have a lot of power in the fashion industry, I’m sure. But regardless of what anyone thinks I will go onto that stage with a real smile on my face. That was one of the things that lacked in the show last night. Everything seemed forced and fake. The other models claim they love the job and the life they get to have through modelling and yet not one of them seemed to enjoy it. They acted the way I feel about modelling.

Gracey walked in, interrupting my thoughts as she pulled open my curtains, blinding me with the harsh, bright light that was now streaming into the room.

“So how was last night?” she asked, curling up in the chair beside my bed.

“It was alright. Most people have agreed with my intentions saying it’s good that a girl is finally making a public stand against it…and in the last place they expected it too. But there are a few people that are extremely opposed to the idea, as I found out this morning.”

“Oh never mind them Pips, majority always rules. Besides they’ll come around eventually, especially when you become popular.”

“Hmm, maybe, but I don’t know. Modelling is so confusing; it’s full of so many contradictions,” I said with a sigh.

“Oh, you’ll figure it out, Pips.”

“Yeah, well I hope I do.”

The End

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