I’ve spent the last week travelling from country town to country town, taking in their beautiful simplicity and rustic buildings. Mostly they were small towns with only a few shops, usually a general store, a machine repair place and maybe a little country boutique selling gifts and clothes and that would be it. Each night we would stay at a bigger country town, where the noise of cars and trucks was louder than the animals at the surrounding properties. The houses were beautiful and well some interesting things happened but nothing was more interesting than meeting the other students of Mirrindirra Ag. Ashleigh is the girl that everyone envies. She has naturally straight, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and a naturally skinny body. But for all her good looks nothing will beat her quirky personality…I mean she rode up to the coach on a cow about 15 minutes late. She certainly knows how to make an entrance. Parker has dark skin and almost black hair and would instantly captivate people’s attention up on a stage but the country music that’s running through the veins of everyone else in her family is apparently not in her rebellious ones. Her parents are sending her to Mirrindirra because they can no longer control her rebellious moods as they travel for their gigs. Lizzy is the quietest person I have ever met. She doesn’t like to draw attention to herself and she blushing bright red, when she tripped coming up the steps of the coach and then tripped over some other guys feet too, sending her sprawling all over Darcy’s lap. The poor thing but despite her ungracefulness I instantly liked her. She’s sweet and kind and someone you almost immediately trust especially when you’re by yourself in a completely new environment. Becka loves the outdoors and working with animals and is happy that she can get a break from her strict parents. Dariela is rich but unlike most kids that grow up like that she is far from spoilt. Her parents would willingly get her anything she wants, Dariela actually wants to work for it. She hates the built up lifestyle and is so happy that she got accepted to Mirrindirra which is where she wants to spend the next two years, so different to the mansion lifestyles where she is waited on hand and foot. But for all the people that say that rich daughters are spoilt, pathetic brats well I’ve never heard something so untrue. Dariela is so sweet and gentle she couldn’t hurt a fly. And yet she wants to work with animals that can be skittish and unpredictable.

So you’ve met half my new friends but I suppose you’re all dying to meet the gorgeous country guys that make up the other half of my group. Cody is your typical country guy, muscular, tan and really, really cute. He has an air of casual confidence that all the girls love and every guy wishes he had. Peter is really cute, and has to wear these adorable glasses that don’t suit his muscular body at all, which is why he is really cute. Darcy has the best eyes I have ever seen, they seem to reflect everything around him, constantly changing colour. But he has a rebellious attitude and doesn’t take any nonsense. The first time over the past couple of days that he was actually genuinely nice to someone was when Lizzy fell into his lap, ever since then he talks to us but I think that might just be because he wants Lizzy to like him. Lincoln is the quiet, observant one and yet you put a guitar in his hands and give him a chance to perform and he’s a completely different person. Lincoln is coming to Mirrindirra for a reason completely different from everyone else’s. He’s here to become a country performer, believing you need to experience it firsthand to write the good songs. Jack would be the star of the footy team back in his home town I’m sure. He’s a solid, well-built bloke but putting it nicely he isn’t the smartest. And, last but not least, Harry, he’s adorably awkward, bashing his head on the coach roof as he squeezed his tall frame within the aisle. You could easily tell that he was embarrassed as he hid his face from view with his fringe.

The End

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