A girl with high standards. A girl who wants to do something meaningful with her life, and is determined to see that through no matter the obstacle. But when she's thrown headfirst into her Aunt's fashion company as a model will she still get to be a vet and return to Mirrindirra. She's clumsy but determined so read along and find out where her determination and spirit leads her.

Each year I’d spend a day with my Aunt in the city, exploring her numerous closets and dressing up in anything she’d let me put on. I got to have ice-cream and even visit the zoo. But as night began to fall I couldn’t wait for mum and dad to come and get me and take me back to the wide open spaces of home.  That’s when I went and found Aunty Reagan.

“Aunty Reagan, I miss mummy and daddy when will they be here?” I asked curling up beside her.

She turned to face me, face ashen, tears glistening against her cheeks, “Pips, I’m sorry but they won’t be coming back,” her voice broke and it was the first time in my life I had ever seen an adult cry and it was scary, at first I didn’t process what she was saying but then I realised what she meant when she said they weren’t coming back for me. My parents are dead. Oh my God!-My parents are dead. They words echoing through my head one last time before the flood gates opened and I cried away the pain, the loss and the shock of what had just happened.

“Have fun, sweetie,” said mum, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. They were her last words to me, the last time a 9 year old girl would ever see her mum. And I’m not even sure what my dad’s last words to me were, I just remember being caught up in a bear hug with a quiet man I will always remember as an affectionate giant.

In the matter of about 6 hours I became a 9 year old left alone in the world with only an aunt, who’s a hectic fashion designer and her housekeeper.

The End

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