Dear Diary,

Thank god my baby is safe...I've never been happier to get morning sickness!  After Dave's attack, I knew that I had no choice.  It was over.  I couldn't have a father like that for my gorgeous little, no one could.  I needed to take extra cautions after leaving the message on Dave's voicemail, so I then called Julie...I'm going to be staying with her and Andrew for awhile...I'm so grateful for a best friend like her.  

Anyway, I've been thinking of names...If it's a boy, I like the sounds of Cameron Ely...and if it's a girl, maybe Natalie Jean...I'm not sure yet, but they're sounding pretty good!  Well, it's been a long day, what with my head in the toilet bowl all morning and relaxing, indulging in my horrendous cravings all afternoon...who knew that pickle-chip brownies taste soo good?  Mmm...

The End

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