"Hey, hon," Dave's voice rang out from the doorway.  

"Hi," I whispered, trudging out of the bathroom to go see him.  I saw an empty beer bottle in his hand, and the closer I got to him, the stronger the stench of alcohol came.  His eyes were bloodshot, and when he kissed me, it was violent, commanding.  He was drunk.  I pulled away, but his hand clamped around the scruff of my neck.  

"I'm not finished, sweetheart," he snarled, kissing me again.  His lips were demanding of mine, and his hands pushed my chest, knocking me backwards into the wall.  He held me there, kissing me harder.  

"N-no," I mumbled, but his hands were already tearing at my nightdress, leaving the strips of fabric on the ground.  He threw me to the floor with them, and then climbed on top of me.  He pulled his pants off, followed by his boxers, and made me take off my own panties.  I tried to push him off, but every time I did so, he slapped me across the face and tried again.  I just let myself go loose, not even trying any more.  He pushed into me, sweated all over me, and moaned in my ear.  Finally, he was done.  He got off, pulled his pants back on and zipped them back up.  

"Nice seein' ya, doll face."

And, with that, he was gone.  

The End

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