Time: 12:25 Location: Zoo of Death Subject: The Machine

Alas, the time has come. My Machine is ready. Eleven years of inventing and fixing flaws and failed experiments

Earlier today a dog suffered tremendously – a most beautiful sight. Now after weeks of pointless torture Westley, the Dread Pirate Roberts formerly referred to as the Man in Black, will now be the first human to experience the Machine.

He has fulfilled all my expectations in regards to his reaction to the pain I inflicted. He hid it well yet I am an expert in the art of pain. I knew his mind was separated from his body and that none of my tortures affected him. Luckily none of the techniques he has used will work against the Machine. At least that is my assumption. Unlike burning with hot oil, slicing flesh and other tortures affecting the physical state the Machine is all consuming.  The suction cups are placed over every surface of the body as well as under the tongue, inside the nostrils and on the eardrums and from my past investigations block out all sensations besides the pain. It’s quite beautiful really.  ‘Tis also a tedious process but I’m hoping to make improvements to it over the years. Westley is lying on the table at the mercy of my malice surely trembling with trepidation. Or so I hope, for as I have surely said before the anticipation is a major part of the pain.

Through all the tortures I have put him through I have watched as he raised his eyes and dropped his lids and mentally drifted off surely to a place where the beautiful Buttercup resides. If only my wife were so naturally beautiful. NO! I have my Machine and that is beauty enough. I do not require any satisfactions of the human flesh other than that of pain. Inflicted by me. On others. For the sole purpose of science. For my definitive work on the matter of pain and anguish to make my name immortal.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a man to torture. I’m rather ecstatic. 

The End

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