Couldn't Speak OutMature

Cody couldn't speak out about his abuse in prison....until Austin became his voice.

Cody was a very special little boy, for someone who had seen such evil he was one of the most sweetest people I have ever meet. I first meet Cody in prison; his parents had framed him for murder. His father Robert bet a guy to death using just his fists and feet and put some of the blood of Cody's hands and shoes and told him to stay there. Cody was too afraid to move, and didn't really know what death was at the time; he had no idea he had witnessed a murder.  Cody was special needs, and he had never been to school. At the hands of people suppose to love him Cody suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as neglect because he had a different father.

His mother Maria had been raped, she was already a mother with children and after Kyle they decided seven was more then enough. However she got pregnant with Cody; Cody never asked to be born but they hated him anyway. From the day he was born he was horribly abused; they had decided they hated him the day he was born over who is father was. The rapist.

Cody is a mute; he couldn't speak up about his abuse or cry out for help. He was defencless against his attackers. No one knew about the treatment he was getting accept those who caused his pain. In prison his life wasn't much better; it's a dog eat dog world in prison and the weakest are always picked on.  The other prisoners saw that Cody couldn't fight them; he was fifteen when he was sentenced to a state prison and very underweight and short as it was. They soon realised he couldn't tell anyone what was happening to him either making him an easy target.   Drug dealers used him as a "pigeon" to carry drugs to clients and to return money to them; he was often beaten during the exchange.  In the yard Cody would be dragged to the brushes, stripped and pinned down while one by one each prisoner would rape him; sex is comman in prisoners it helps with the isolation and the depression of prison life. Even straight man will have had sexual intercourse with a man in either his cell or the showers. Raymond was one of the worst, he branded Cody and would come in his cell by the three times a day and rape him. In the dinner rooms Cody was bent over people's laps so they could feel his bottom, sat on their laps so they could rub his inner thighs and cock so had his prison uniform forciably undone so they could masterbate him till his came all over their hands. Cody was rarely feed before he went into prison and no in prison he didn't get a chance to eat because he was being abused. The staff also played a part in Cody's abuse while in prison. Three guards-Cody never knew their names-would take him from his bed at night and into the basement where he would be forced into performing sexual acts on them and himself; the guards often beat Cody sometimes for no reason and hurled insults at him. Even the governer himself abused Cody; everyday unlike having a weekly shower with the other prisoners the governer would take Cody for a special wash time with him.

Everyone in that prison took advantage of Cody, they took advantage of him because Cody had no voice to speak for himself. Many times has Cody suffered at the hands of people just because they could. No body has ever heard about the horrible treatment Cody suffered in prison, until now. Cody told me his story and now I'm telling it to the world.


The End

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