Parties, bloody noses, go fish, and supper.

After lunch, Elizabeth, Summer, and Raven headed towards their tent. Elizabeth had become a bit more comfortable with her roommates.

"So, what goes on here?" She asked.

"We usually play soccer... watch out the boys are way to competitive!" Summer laughed. She grinned. "How could I forget? some of the boys hold parties in the woods beside their tents. It's usually fun, depending on the night. there held every Saturday. "

Raven brightened for once at that. "But the parties are totally against the rules, they bring alcohol" Raven said excitedly.

"Tsk tsk Raven, you know they won't let us drink." She shook her finger as if she was a teacher scolding a student.

"Mike would kill me!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "He would be so mad!"

"Oh, you mean your brother?" Summer giggled. Raven glared at Summer.
Elizabeth nodded.

Summer checked her watch. "It's ten to two. We have three hours until supper." She wore a bored expression. "What do you wanna do?"

"Let's go to the woods!" Elizabeth suggested, jogging toward the edge of the clearing.

When Elizabeth, Summer, And Raven passed a tent labled "TEN", the zipper opened. A tall boy, a couple of ages older than Micheal, Elizabeth guessed. Stepped out. He loomed over Elizabeth.

"Well, your a pretty little thang aren't you?" He smirked. "What's your name?"

A look of disgust spread over Elizabeth's face.

Summer and Raven stepped in front of Elizabeth. "Leave her alone." Raven murmured.

The boy laughed. "Watta you gonna do about it, huh?"

Raven's eyes gleamed. "You would rather not find out." She growled.

"A weak little kid like you? Ha!"

He had crossed the line. Raven thrust her fist forward and punched him in the nose. She kicked the back of his leg, and he fell to the ground. "WEAK?!" She screeched. "I'LL TELL YOU WHO IS WEAK!" She was about to punch him again when Summer pulled her back. "Let me go!" She yelled.

"He will leave us alone now."She said calmly. Some of the boy's friends rushed over to help him up. His nose was bleeding, and he was limping.

"Lets go back to the tent." Summer said, as she took Raven's hand and led her to the tent.

Raven sat on her sleeping bag counting to ten over and over to calm herself. Elizabeth scooted over to Summer and whispered in her ear. "What's wrong with her?" She asked.

Raven heard her. "We all have our reasons for coming here. That's mine." She sighed. "Im great at fighting,' She managed to add humor into her voice. ' But can't control myself sometimes."

"Why did Summer have to take your hand?" She asked quizzically.

"My vision gets all hazy after I loose control."

"Oh." Elizabeth murmured sympathy.

"I'm here because I can't seem to make friends at school. People think I'm weird." Summer added. "What about you Lizz?"

"Ask my brother." She grumbled.

"Can we?!" Summer squealed. Raven glared at her.

"Why is it whenever Mike is mentioned, the exact reaction happens?" She asked.

"Summer has a crush on him!" Raven said, sounding like a five year old tattle tale.

"You just met him!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"He's cute." She sighed.

"Whatever." Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "What time is it?" Through the plastic window, Elizabeth could see the sun was no longer in the middle of the sky.


"What time is supper?"


"... Let's play go fish!" Raven said, taking a pack of cards out of her bag. They played cards and talked until supper.

Summer and Elizabeth walked into the mess hall, leaving Raven behind after she refused to come in fear of seeing the boy again. There were two rows of picnic tables, where kids dumped their sweaters to reserve seats. There was a lady at the end of the mess hall standing behind a counter. She served the food to kids waiting in line.

"Put your sweater here, and grab your plate. It's spaghetti tonight."

Elizabeth did as she said, and got in line behind her. Wow, there were allot of kids.

"How many kids are at this camp?" She asked.

"About 300." Summer replied without turning around.

Suddenly hands covered her eyes. "Guess who?" A voice said.

"Bob!" She said randomly.

"How'd you know?" The voice laughed.

Elizabeth turned around to see Micheal standing behind her. She gave him a hug. "I missed you!" She said.

Micheal didn't seem surprised. "I can't save you from everything. " He replied.

A laugh sounded from behind. They both turned around and saw a boy the same age as Elizabeth standing there with his hands on his hips. He was as well muscled as Micheal, though a bit shorter. He had golden
Blonde hair and hazel eyes.

"Hello Felix." Summer said sarcastically.

"Ello!" He said, waving his hand vigorously.
Summer turned around and pointedly ignored him.

"This is my roommate, Felix." Micheal told Elizabeth.

"Hey! So your Mike's sister?" Felix said.


"Cool! Elizabeth, right?"


Michel leaned in toward his sister. "Yeah he's that loud all the time." He whispered.

Elizabith pitied him.

"So you trust him? You talk to him?"

"Enough to talk to him." He replied.

Strange. He never talks to people he just met.

Elizabeth turned to see that Summer was being served. She turned as her plate was full. "Be at the table!" She chirped.

When everyone had food, they all sat down on the picnic tables. Elizabeth sat beside Summer, with Micheal to her left, and Felix sitting across from him. They chatted until seven o'clock, then separated to go to their own tents.

'What will happen tomorrow?' Elizabeth thought.

The End

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