Elizabeth and her brother Micheal are sent on a camping trip against their will by their mother.
If their mother would have known what lurks in the forest of Cedar Woods Camp, Maybe she would have reconsidered.

Chapter 1
"Tell me." Elizabeth pleaded.

"No." Her brother shook his head, his thick brown hair falling confront of his eyes.

"Please." She was pouting now. Sometimes her maturity was hard to find.

"No. I don't want to hear your rants." He said, his brown eyes narrowed.

"Rant? Micheal, I do not rant. Tell me why were leaving!" Elizabeth raised her voice, but made no attempt to calm down.

"You do rant. First of all, I am older than you, therefor you cannot order me around. Second of all, I am not allowed to tell you why were going to a camp. Anyway it's not important." They sat in their mother' mini- van, waiting to be driven to a 'special camp for kids'. It was right after school ended, and they were to get back on the last day of August.


"End of discussion."

At that moment their mother stepped outside of the house. She turned and locked the door. Elizabeth looked at her through narrowed eyes as she got into the van.

"You guys ready?" She asked cheerfully.

"Yes." Micheal said, pointing a thumb at their luggage.
Their mother nodded and turned the key. The van growled alive in response. They were soon on their way to a two month camping trip. If only their mother (Including Elizabeth and Micheal) Would of known what was going to happen there, maybe their mother would have reconsidered...

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see that they were pulling into a gravel driveway. There was an arch above it labled "Cedar Woods Campground."
"How long was I asleep?" She asked warily.

"Couple hours."

"A couple of hours! Where the hell are we?!"

"The mountains."


"We lied." Micheal said, pulling on the handle of the door.
Once the van stopped, Elizabeth stepped out of the van and observed her surroundings for the first time. It was very rocky, and almost all the trees were cedar. Right now, they stood in a clearing, surrounded by forest. A small cabin stood by itself at the edge of the clearing. There were tents scattered here and there, with kids hovering around them.

"You guys are to go to the cabin to get sorted out, okay?" Their mother asked.


"Okay, then. Bye guys! See you in eight weeks!" Elizabeth watched as the silver mini- van slowly moved away.

"Bye." Micheal said. He grabbed Elizabeth's hand and they were off to the cabin.

"You know, I'm not six anymore, I don't need my hand held." She said.
Micheal smiled, swinging her hand. "I don't want you to get hit by cars!" He laughed.
Elizabeth remembered the time when she was six. They were walking in a parking lot, and her mother told them to hold hands so cars don't get to them. She smirked too.

A new voice snapped her from memories. "Hello! are you two new here?" A Girl about Elizabeth's age who had blonde hair and green eyes asked them politely.

"Yes, we just got here." She replied in the same tone, letting go of her brother's hand.

"Okay! follow me!" Elizabeth followed her, seeing that she was just going in the direction of the cabin anyway.

Once at the cabin, Micheal politely knocked on the door. Scrambling from inside sounded, and a few moments later, a tall man wearing a baseball hat arrived at the door.

"Elizabeth and Micheal Newman?" He asked.

"Yes, that's us." Elizabeth said politely.

"Hmm let's fill out those forms..." He was holding papers and a pen. He pulled the cap off of the pen and scribbled something down.


"I'm thirteen, and he's fourteen." She said automatically.


"Mine is August fifteenth, and his is March third." She replied.

"Any allergies?"


"Okay! I'm sorry, but you guys cannot sleep in the same tent."

Micheal stiffened at that.

"So, Elizabeth you are in tent thirteen, and Michael you are in ten seven." The man said before adding "You will be seeing me allot around here. My name is councilor Jeff. Today were not doing anything, it's too hot outside .Usually we are doing lots of activities! It's a great time to unpack." He waved his hand, signaling for them to go to the tents.

"Follow me again!" Said the girl, who was waiting on the porch the whole time. She skipped away.
Elizabeth and Micheal ran to catch up with her, But she suddenly stopped.

"Which tents are you guys in?"

"Um... thirteen and seven." Elizabeth looked at her brother. He nodded.

"Awesome!" She exclaimed. "Were in the same tent!"

Elizabeth wasn't sure if she was supposed to be happy, or terrified. this girl seemed weird.

"And you,' She pointed to Micheal. ' Are in that tent." She pointed to one very close to the one Elizabeth was bunking in.

He nodded, picked his luggage up and waved bye to Elizabeth. "Since our tents are so close, we will probably see each other allot." He mumbled.
Elizabeth turned to see the girl skipping towards the tent labled "THIRTEEN" In large letters. She ran and caught up with her.

"My name is Summer!" She chirped. "And you?"


"Ooh! can I call you Lizz?"

"Sure." By now, they were at the tent, and Summer took her shoes off.

"You can't wear your shoes in the tent." She explained, And Elizabeth took her shoes off.

Elizabeth was surprised at how much room there was inside the tent. One sleeping bag at one end of it, one at another, and enough space for two in the middle.

"Do you want to sleep in the middle?" Summer asked.

"Sure." Elizabeth replied, not knowing what the difference would be. At that moment, the zipper slid open and another girl stepped in. She had silky black hair and green eyes. She looked at Elizabeth for a moment, then sat on her sleeping bag.

"Oh, I forgot to mention Raven. She shares a tent with us too. Raven, this is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Raven." Summer introduced them.

"Hello." Elizabeth said politely.

"Hey." Raven said quietly. She didn't seem very interested. Nor did she look very happy.

Elizabeth began unpacking her stuff. She unfolded her sleeping bag and laid it on the ground. She placed her pillow on her sleeping bag.

"There. I'm done." She said.

"That's all you brought? Summer asked dubiously.

"Pretty much..." Elizabeth replied. She looked into her bag. There was a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, a bag of chips...

"We can show you around now!" Summer squeaked. "Yay! You coming Raven?"

"Sure." Raven mumbled.

Summer led Elizabeth out of the tent and into the middle of the clearing. "You see the cabin you were just at?" She asked.

"Yeah." Elizabeth replied.

"Out of bounds. You see the huge white tent beside it?


"Only out of bounds when it's not eating time. Thats the mess hall." She turned to her left and walked towards the woods. "If you walk far enough into the woods, there is an old fence. Past that fence is out of bounds."

"Okay.' Elizabeth replied. ' By the way, when's lunch? I'm starving."

"Twelve on the dot... In five minutes!" She added cheerfully after checking her watch. She headed in the direction of the mess hall, Raven following her.

Elizabeth sighed. This was going to be a long, long two months.

The End

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