Cottoneth shivered in the breeze that the ride in the motorcycle brought on, and the thought of being away from Katie might have had something to do with it too. The man stopped the motorcycle and turned the key. Cottoneth was ever so scared.

"You're coming with me..." The man muttered to the rabbit. The man had never wished to own such a treasure, but friends of friends of cousins can always be of use. He opened the door and pop music blasted from the ceiling. He always kept it unlocked; from the outside it looked like a rundown, old house, but on the inside it was a luxurious whore house. He made quite a lot of money. The girls payed to stay at the house and the men were responsible for the girls' pay.

Cottoneth watched as they passed through a room covered in gold paint and red fluffy couches, and his mind was blown as to why the girls were wearing such little clothing. They walked past a couple other rooms too, where all the girls smiled at waved at the man. Everything everywhere was fancy. They walked down hardwood steps covered in a red rug and came to a door that had dangerous looking words that Cottoneth couldn't read on a sign on the front.

This was the first thing that wasn't fancy. The basement was dark, damp, and smelled like stale cigarettes. The man took Cottoneth to the middle of the basement and flicked on a light. He placed Cottoneth on a chair.

"You, my friend, are going to get a lesson on stuffed animal biology."

The End

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